10 Best Winter Olympics Sports

Curious what the ten best Winter Olympic sports are? Improbable as it might seem, there are actually only seven basic sports in the Winter Olympic Games: skating, skiing, luge, bobsleigh, biathlon, curling and hockey.  However, several of these sports are broken down into a variety of disciplines. For example, under the canopy of skiing, you have events like freestyle, cross country and snowboarding. Some events are more exciting than others, and those are the ones that make it onto this list of the ten best Winter Olympic sports.

  1. Biathlon. While the Biathlon may not seem exciting while you're watching competitors trudge their way through the snow, the biathlon's combination of raw strength and endurance with calm marksmanship makes it a good one to watch. 
  2. Curling. Although curling was only added as a medal sport in 1998, this team event is already developing a large following of fanatics who appreciate the skill and precision it takes to win.
  3. Short track speed skating. This event has become popular ever since the 1992 Albertville games, in no small part due to the excitement of high speeds and spectacular collisions among competitors.
  4. Ski Jumping. Watching competitor's fly off the end of the ramp into the air is breathtaking, but a bad landing is the definition of "the agony of defeat."
  5. Figure skating. While it might seem all glitter and pretty costumes to the casual observer, figure skating competition is fierce. Just ask Nancy Kerrigan!
  6. Super-G. Short for Super Giant Slalom, this event combines extreme speeds with the need for pinpoint accuracy it only takes missing one gate to get eliminated.
  7. Skeleton Bobsleigh. The skeleton event consists of sliding headfirst at very high speed on a very small sled. Once again, speed and danger combine to make an exciting event.
  8. Snowboard. The snowboard events have helped make the Olympic games more accessible to younger generations, and are very excited to watch.
  9. Luge. Imagine sliding downhill at breakneck speed, on your back, feet first – with no brakes. That's the luge.
  10. Hockey. Hockey is the sport of the Winter Games that best brings countries to their feet in support of the home team. The defeat of the Soviet Union team by the Americans in 1980 at the height of the Cold War is arguably the most exciting moment in the history of the Winter Olympics.



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