10 Best Workout Songs 2009

The ten best workout songs of 2009 all have one thing in common. All of the workout songs have the ability to get the listener pumped and ready for a workout. You can't choose workout songs that don't have that special element that gets your adrenaline flowing. Workout songs that don't get you up and going are a waste of time. You'll notice your exercising will be sluggish and uninspired. Make sure you pick workout songs that can properly accompany you while you bust your butt in the gym. Here are the best workout songs of 2009.

  1. "Empire State of Mind". Jay-Z and Alicia Keys created a monster hit with this jam. It's also good song to workout to. It's not because the beat is all that fast, but Jayz's words and Alicia Key's voice are definitely uplifting and inspiring.
  2. "Live Your Life".  T.I. and Rihanna collaborated to create this beast of a hit. Apparently R and B artists joining with hard core rappers translates into very memorable music. T.I.'s flows are always top notch, and Rihanna can belt out a tune with the best of them. Not to mention the fact that the beat is perfect for pushing up a barbell.
  3. "Boom Boom Pow".  The Black Eyed Peas love to experiment with music. Well, this particular science project yielded all the right results. The song sports a very fluid beat that changes mid song without losing a step. The bass hits like a punch to the chest as well. It's a perfect track to work out to.
  4. "I Know You Want Me". Otherwise known as "Calle Ocho". Pitbull is known for creating songs with energetic rhythms. This track is no different. What makes it so hot is the fact that it utilizes sample from other really energetic tracks. Check out "The Bomb" by the Bucketheads and you'll see the similarities.
  5. "I'm In Miami Trick".  LMFAO are the party track kings. Everything they throw together is club ready and worthy. The fast pace of their beats can keep you energixzed in the club and will do the same for you at the gym.
  6. "Hotel Room Service". Pitbull does it again. This time he uses an old dance songs and infuses it with a Hip Hop beat to create yet another jam worthy of dancing to. It's also good for running a mile on a track as well. Throw this baby on and get out there and sweat.
  7. "Day N Nite". This is a Kid Cudi jam. It's the song that made him famous in the states. And for good reason. It's hot. Isn't it funny how many club jams can seamlessly cross over into the workout world. Well this is definitely one of those tracks.
  8. "Poker Face".  The infamous Lady Gaga. She may dress like some hellspawn, but her creative talents can not be ignored. She's taking over the airwaves with her particular, unique brand of shock pop music. And guess what? The beats make most of her songs perfect to workout to. Oh, and she usually has two or three remixes floating around for each hit of hers.
  9. "Lovegame". Another Lady Gaga jam that follows the same pattern. It has multiple remixes, all of which have cool beats to work out to. They'll get your juices flowing. 
  10. "Sexy Chick". David Guetta and Akon  game together to create a dance, hip hop, electronica-like amalgamation. Yes, it's a killer in the clubs, And yes, the beat is perfect for you to get your workout on. The unedited version is even better than this one. 
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