10 Best Workout Songs For Weightlifting

The 10 best songs for weightlifting is a list that is hard to whittle down. There are so many great songs to use while weightlifting, but to narrow it down to ten is going to happen by the end of this article. First, suffice it to say, none of the music will be mellow. It is understood that the taste in music from person to person is undeniably different, but the songs that will ultimately make this top ten list are not of the soft, mellow type but instead upbeat to say the least. The ten best workout songs for weightlifting is as follows:

  1. Marilyn Manson- "Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag." A heavy guitar riff throughout and screaming vocals are sure to get the blood flowing. Don't let the perception of Marilyn Manson deter you from including him in a music collection.
  2. Rage Against the Machine- "Bulls on Parade." Zac de la Rocha's voice to the tangy guitar of Tom Morello is close to unbeatable. The song opens with a great hook that is sure to get the hardest part of any workout, the beginning, over in no time.
  3. Slipknot- "(sic)". If you can stomach the intense vocals in this song it will never let up for just over three minutes. The song is not long but enough to get in one to two sets. It's sure to satisfy.
  4. AC/DC- "Shook Me All Night Long." Classic song to say the least. This song could make any playlist related to working out because of the guitar solo in the beginning leading into the meat and potatoes of the song in a steady way. Do not be surprised to realize the workout has gradually increased in intensity.
  5. AC/DC- "Shoot to Thrill." Do not be surprised to see another AC/DC song on the list. This one dominates the new "Iron Man 2" trailer. More importantly the drums can keep the workout at a steady pace, leaving the workout going at its own pace by the influence of the music.
  6. Young Money- "Bed Rock." New to the radio, but with the right edition the slick beat and lyrics about attaining and keeping women lasts for almost five minutes. Time is important any workout. The longer the song the more that can get accomplished without paying too much attention to time. The lyrics of Lil Wayne and Drake are no slouch either. 
  7. Ya Boy feat. Dr. Hollywood- "We Run LA." A song that even those not living within the greater Los Angeles area can enjoy. Keeps a sense of determination in the mind as the vocals pulse through headphones speaking of living the high life with money, cars and women. Those three things alone in life can inspire a person, not to mention a great workout.
  8. Asher Roth- "Lark on My Go-Kart." A unique beat that will keep the rhythm of each repetition on "beat" so to speak. Asher Roth's verses invoke a sense of the past while keeping the working moving toward the finish line. A lack of a genuine chorus makes it seem as though three verses at flying to the listener without pause.
  9. Led Zeppelin- "Rock and Roll." Retreating back to the classics this is the one Zeppelin song for any workout. Better than "Black Dog" because there are no breaks in between the music. The drums and guitar continue throughout complimenting the high pitched, almost satanic voice of Robert Plant. The song is fast paced enough to make any workout enjoyable.
  10. Incubus- "Rogues." Listen to the song and at 25 seconds it becomes clear what the song will do for weightlifting. The slow start immediately blasts into hyper drive after the first quarter of the song and gives way to crunching instruments that will get the blood pumping. Brandon Boyd's voice juxtaposes from mellow to intense.

Those are the ten best songs for weightlifting. Start the tunes and start to look better immediately. 

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