10 Best Wrestling Moves Ever

The 10 best wrestling moves ever were some of the most dynamic finishing moves in all of pro wrestling. Nothing brings a crowd to its feet during a wrestling match like the finishing move of the fan favorite. Here is a list of the best wrestling moves ever and the wrestlers that made them famous.

  1. Sweet chin music – Shawn Michaels. The best part about this move, and the reason it is one of the best wrestling moves ever, is that Shawn Michaels could use it at any moment. Michaels could look like he was down and out of a match, but one shot of some sweet chin music and the match was over.
  2. The spear – Goldberg. Goldberg was around just long enough in professional wrestling to create one of the most exciting moves ever seen. Many people had used the spear before Goldberg, but when he launched himself shoulder first into his opponent's gut, the opponent never got up.
  3. Leg Drop – Hulk Hogan. The Hulk Hogan leg drop is one of the best wrestling moves because of what it represents more than for its effectiveness. The match was usually over when Hulk lowered the leg drop, but there was no more famous way of ending a match than when the Hulk brought the leg down.
  4. The chicken wing – Bob Backlund. Bob Backlund was a wrestling champion from the 1970's and 1980's that used many traditional moves in his matches. His finishing move was based on sheer strength as Backlund would lift his opponent in the air by pinning the opponent's arm behind the back and lifting. It looked painful and required a great deal of strength.
  5. The cobra clutch – Sgt. Slaughter. Sgt. Slaughter's finishing move was a variation of the famous sleeper hold. The Sarge would lock up his opponent's arms with his as both sets of arms were wrapped around the opponent's neck. It did not take long for the opponent to black out and the match to be over.
  6. The claw – Blackjack Mulligan. Blackjack Mulligan was an angry cowboy who stood nearly seven feet tall and loved to hurt people. For his finishing move, he would spread his hand over your face and apply pressure to both temples at the same time. On more than one occasion, Blackjack drew blood with this move and it became pretty terrifying for opponents.
  7. The chop – Chief Jay Strongbow. When wrestling was on television in the 1970's, much of it was done in small television studios with an audience of 100 people or so. Chief Jay Strongbow's finishing move was an open-hand chop across the opponent's chest that rang all throughout the television studio. The effect was diminished significantly when wrestling television shows moved to larger venues.
  8. The Polish hammer – Ivan Putski. Ivan Putski was a short man that was built like an Olympic athlete. His finishing move was simple; he came across the chest of the opponents with both of his hands clasped together. The simplicity, but effectiveness, of this move makes it one of the best wrestling moves ever.
  9. The double chop – Dusty Rhodes. Dusty Rhodes "the American Dream" had a finishing move that was so fast that television cameras would rarely catch it. Rhodes would send his opponent into the ropes, and as his opponent was coming at him Rhodes would cross his hands and chop at the opponent's neck. They never got up from that.
  10. Figure-Four leg lock – Ric Flair. The figure-four leg lock was used by many wrestlers, but no one used it as well as Ric Flair did. It was his finishing move, and once he slapped those legs into place no one was getting out of it.  
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