10 Best Xbox Fighting Games

What are the 10 best Xbox fighting games? The best Xbox fighting games is an easy list to compile. While Xbox has lots of fighting games, not many of the fighting games are all that great. When you think Xbox fighting games, certain games immediately come to mind. And, yes, those are the best fighting games for the Xbox. If you have to think about a particular Xbox game for too long, it probably sucked. So forget about those crap games. Here are the ten best Xbox fighting games ever.

  1. "Soul Calibur II". If you haven't heard of this great Xbox fighting game, just put down your controller. This 3D weapons based fighter has absolutely infinite replay value. There are a boat load of modes. You've got quest mode, versus, and challenge games. The best part about this game is the wealth of weaponry that each character has at their disposal. Oh, and each weapon has different attributes.
  2. "Dead or Alive 3". Yeah, it's hand to hand combat. There's no fireballs or whirlwind kicks. Instead, this game boasts the most fluid fighting ever in an Xbox fighting game. You can literally link every move, every counter move, and throw together. It looks more like an advanced fighter movie than a videogame. And the graphics rock. Oh, and it's full of fighter modes.
  3. "Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection". "Street Fighter" is the father of all fighting games. Period. Well this particular Xbox fighter gives you five of the best classic "Street Fighter" games in one. Awesome. All the characters. All the butt kicking you could want.
  4. "Dead or Alive Ultimate". It's "Dead or Alive 3" on steroids. It has better graphics. It has better moves. You need to play this one.
  5.  "Def Jam: Fight for NY". This game is a surprising hit. The characters in the game mirror your favorite rap artists. The soundtrack is loaded with some of the rawest Hip Hop beats out. But, that's not enough to make a great fighter. The extensive move lists and easy controls are what take this game from a gimick title to a certifiable fighting hit.
  6. "X-Men: Next Dimension". You've got twenty four of your favorite Marvel characters to choose from. The controls rock. The graphics rock. The expansive fighting background is just awesome. Oh, and it's interactive.
  7. "Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance". "Mortal Kombat" games are either really good, or they suck horribly. Well this particular title is really good… Once you learn the moves. The characters are loaded with hand to hand as well as weapon based moves. Oh, and the best part of any "Mortal Kombat" game is still going strong. The "fatalities" are still cool.
  8. "Guilty Gear X2: Reloaded". This Xbox fighter has 20 crazy fighters, with even crazier moves. The animation is very similar to that of a comic book, which makes for cool effects in the game. It's a very enjoyable title with loads of replay value.
  9. "Kabuki Warriors". This one is like the little brother to the "Soul Calibur" title. While "Soul Calibur" has straight over the top action, "Kabuki Warriors" relies heavily on realism. You have 24 characters to choose from. They all have a number of realistic Japanese weaponry they can wield. You'll enjoy this one for a while.
  10. "Fight Club". This one is another surprise hit. It focuses more on fighting realism than any of the other titles on the list. You'll hear bones breaking. You'll see a face turn raw and bloody from being pummeled. The backgrounds are also fully interactive. This is a great fighter.
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