10 Best Young Actresses

Hollywood movies are filled with beautiful talented actresses, but to pick the 10 best young actresses, you have to focus further than their beautiful faces and start tracking on their performances, movies made, and those who are most likely to have a bright career. That is why some hot young actresses like Lindsay Lohan or Megan Fox can’t fit in this top ten, sorry but movies like “Transformers” and “Jennifer’s Body” are far from being worthy of this list.

So what you will find in this list are some of the best young actresses nowadays, able to gracefully play different roles, side by side with the top stars in the industry.

  1. Amanda Seyfried. Just a few years ago, she started playing secondary roles in movies like “Mean Girls” (2004), “Jennifer’s Body”  (2009) and “Mamma Mia” (2008), this last one, that great musical with Meryl Streep. Now, she’s starring material, with movies like "Dear John" and "Letters to Juliet," among others. Pretty sure we’ll be seeing much more of her.
  2. Emma Watson. Better known as “Hermione Granger”, she is worldwide famous and popular thanks to the so far endless “Harry Potter” movies. She hasn’t done much outside these movies, but we have to admit that her character has developed pleasantly.
  3. Kristen Stewart. This girl is no beginner at all, her acting career started at age eight and hasn’t stop ever since. With secondary roles in movies like “Panic Room”(2002),  “Cold Creek Manor”(2003), “Into the Wild” (2007), among others, she’s now got the experience and the chance to become a full star.
  4.  Dakota Fanning. Also taking part in the human-vampire romance “Twilight”, Dakota Fanning is now assuming the challenge of moving her career from star kid to young actress. She’s talented without a doubt, and definitely one of the best young actresses.
  5. Ellen Paige. Her performance in “Hard Candy” (2005) was just amazing, and it caught the industry's attention and got nominated to several awards, but this was no hit compared to what came soon after that, when starring in the independent film “Juno” (2007). The film “Juno” won over the critic and even got her the nomination for Best Actress at both the Golden Globe and Academy Award.
  6. Keira Knightley. Her first appearance, with the movie “Bend it Like Beckham” (2002), wasn’t memorable, but once she got the role of “Elizabeth Swann” in the Disney movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” (2003), next to the amazing Johnny Deep and Orlando Bloom, her career went straight up nonstop. We have enjoyed her acting in some delightful movies like “Love Actually” (2003), “Pride & Prejudice” (2005) and “The Duchess” (2008), among several others.
  7. Rachel McAdams. We have seen this beautiful girl taking a chance playing very diverse roles: the hot and spoiled girl in “Mean Gilrs” (2004) and “The Hot Chick” (2002), the smart, fun, outgoing girl in “Wedding Crashers” (2005) and the memorable love heroine in “The Notebook” (2004).
  8. Natalie Portman. Nobody can deny the great talent of Natalie Portman, making a list of great actresses, weather young or not, she is a must. Ever since her breakout role in “The Profesional” (1994) at age twelve, she’s make a long line career, but definitely most remembered worldwide for her role as Queen Amidala in Star Wars.
  9. Anne Hathaway. Started as a Disney Girl with “The Princess Diaries” (2001) and worked her way up out of Disney with daring roles in movies like “Brokeback Mountain” and “Rachel’s Wedding” (2008). She also showed us her laid back side with movies like “Get Smart” (2008) and “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006). She has shown us her talent with a diversity of roles and this is a girl we have take seriously.
  10. Scarlett Johansson. Finally, our countdown to the best young actresses nowadays, wouldn’t be complete without Scarlet Johansson. Not only is stunning beautiful, but also has played roles among great actors and worked with important filmmakers like Woody Allen. Scarlett Johansson is without a doubt leading among the best young actresses in Hollywood.
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