10 Best Young British Actors

With British-centric films, like "Harry Potter," it's a good time to be one of the 10 best British actors. What is it about British accents that make women, both young and old, swoon? Whatever it is, these 10 actors have learned, or had from birth, the ability to shine on the silver screen. Although they may not get any roles as Alabama rednecks, they'll nevertheless find many places to shine in today's youth-oriented cinema scene.

  1. Robert Pattinson. Pattinson has roles in two of the biggest teen franchises of our era, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" and "Twilight". He's not just an actor for the kids, however. He'll also have a role in Salvador Dali, a bio-pic about that famously strange actor.
  2. Rupert Grint. Grint is also in the "Harry Potter" series. But when he auditioned for Ronald Weasley, he came prepared with hip-hop lyrics about the character. This helped him beat out other more famous young British actors.
  3. Skandar Keynes. Perhaps best known as Edmund Pevensie in the 2005 film adaptation of "The Chronicles of Narnia," this young man with the strange first name has a bright future in front of him.
  4. Daniel Radcliffe. Not only is Radcliffe in "Harry Potter," but he also plays "Harry Potter." The only trouble he might face is trying to avoid being forever associated with that role. But if he's learned any magic from the part, this fine young British actor will do just fine.
  5. Ben Barnes. Barnes has been in "The Chronicles of Narnia." But he also played Dorian Gray in that film of the same name. This top 10 best British actor also appeared in a rock video for the Kooks. Hopefully that will give him more than just teen credibility.
  6. William Moseley. Moseley was in "The Chronicles of Narnia." Did you know he also tried out for the role of Harry Potter in "Harry Potter?" But unless you've been living under a rock, you know that he sadly didn't  get the part.
  7. Dominic Monaghan. This man was comic relief in "Lord Of The Rings." He also made the girls cry with his role in "Lost."
  8. Jamie Bell. Bell is most famous for his title role in "Billy Elliot." Time will tell if he'll grow as an actor as he grows up. But the "Billy Elliot" was a great start.
  9. David Tennant. Tennant is a "Dr. Who" guy. This fine young actor also took his stage name from one of The Pet Shop boys. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  10. Orlando Bloom. Bloom, well, bloomed in "Lord Of The Rings". And while young, he's certainly not a kid anymore.
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