10 Best Zombie Games For PC

Forget your zombie survival guide; zombie PC games are on the rise and are taking over the zombie genre with these 10 best zombie games for PC. From silliness to hardcore gore, this list of the top 10 zombie games for PC is sure to supply hours of entertainment.

  1. "Left 4 Dead" – The Left 4 Dead series is by far the most popular zombie PC collection, and for good reason. Released in 2008, Left 4 Dead is known for its action, gore, and fantastic graphics. The first in the series, Left 4 Dead has some incredible maps with interesting scenery, as well as an exciting, fast-paced gameplay.
  2. "Killing Floor" –  A top ten list of zombie PC games wouldn't be complete without this gem. Killing Floor is basically what would happen if Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2 ever combined. A cooperative zombie-killing effort complete with melee weapons, firearms, and explosives, Killing Floor is a steal for about $10 on Steam, and a game that every zombie fan should have in their gaming arsenal.
  3. "Dead Rising" – The Dead Rising game series is another popular collection of great PC zombie games. With ridiculous weapons such as park benches that you pick up and swing at zombies, Dead Rising is definitely a game about using your resources to their best advantage. Dead Rising deserves a spot as one of the top ten best zombie games for PC because if nothing else, it is truly and completely fun.
  4. "Plants vs. Zombies" – Have you ever played a Flash game for hours on end without realizing it just because it was so inexplicably addictive?  Take that game and add zombies. Plants vs. Zombies is so popular because it is brainless, silly fun, which definitely gives it a place as one of the best zombie PC games.
  5. "Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse" – This third-person zombie game opens with an homage to Patton, followed by the titular character reuniting with his loving daughter and then promptly eating her brain. The satire throughout the game is hilarious, and that paired with its interesting gameplay makes Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse one of the top ten zombie games for PC.
  6. "Left 4 Dead 2" – Left 4 Dead 2 remedies one of the most prominent problems with Left 4 Dead: A lack of melee weapons. In Left 4 Dead 2, you can use anything from a katana to a frying pan (which are actually the two most efficient melee weapons you can use). The settings are fun, the characters have some hilarious dialog, and the new special infected are fierce. If Left 4 Dead deserves a space as one of the top ten best zombie games for PC, Left 4 Dead 2 does even more.
  7. "Bioshock" – Bioshock isn't formally described as a "zombie" game, but the Splicers are essentially a somewhat more cohesive, faster form of zombie-almost a reimagination of the traditional zombie. With its innovative design, beautiful graphics, interesting story, and gorgeous soundtrack, Bioshock is certainly one of the top ten best zombie games for PC, even if it may be an unorthodox addition.
  8. "Martian Gothic: Unification" – This game is about zombies in space. If you need any other reason to understand why this game is one of the best PC zombie games, it's also been compared to the early Resident Evil games and has an interesting storyline.
  9. "Dead Rising 2" – Dead Rising 2 takes the weapons in Dead Rising and makes them even more absurd-in the best way possible. In Dead Rising 2, you can combine weapons to make alchemized atrocities such as the "Hail Mary": a football and a grenade. Like its predecessor, Dead Rising 2 is one of the top ten best zombie games for PC for its sheer entertainment.
  10. "Cold Fear" – Released in 2005, this PC zombie game takes place on a Russian whaling ship. For its originality of setting and exciting gameplay, Cold Fear is definitely one of the best zombie games for PC.
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