10 BestSongs About Jesus

Despite the assertions of many, popular music with gospel overtones has always been a part of the American landscape, and the 10 best songs about Jesus illustrate that completely. From gospel-tinged soul to heartbreaking country and even hip-hop, the best songs about Jesus convey a religious, personal love without being too preachy. Here are the 10 best songs about Jesus in popular music:

  1. "Help Me Jesus" by the Staple Singers. This soul rave-up is convincing enough to even woo the non-believers. It is a perfect topper for the list of 10 best songs about Jesus in popular music.
  2. "Jesus Remembered Me" by Hank Williams. The troubled country star had a number of wonderful songs about Jesus. This is probably his most classic, from the lovely "I Saw the Light" gospel collection.
  3. "Christ for President" by Wilco. From lyrics by Woody Guthrie, this Wilco song asserts Christ as a political figure more caring than any we have to offer. It's a clever and heartfelt tribute to God, one of the best songs about Jesus ever composed.
  4. "Jesus Walks" by Kanye West. Perhaps the most loud-mouthed Jesus supporter on the list is Kanye West, whose "Jesus Walks" had unexpected radio success. Its furious power places it easily on the list of best songs about Jesus in popular music.
  5. "Jesus" by the Velvet Underground. An unexpected tribute from an unexpected source, this Lou Reed-penned tune is a low-key but heartfelt tribute. It appears on the band's self-titled album.
  6. "Jesus Christ" by Slim Cessna's Auto Club. A retro country waltz from Denver's preachers of the dark country gospel, the lyrics may be tongue in cheek, but the message is there. It is one of the newest songs on the best songs about Jesus list.
  7. "Greatest Cowboy of Them All" by Johnny Cash. Another country classic, this one posits the Lord as a wandering cowboy, giving to the people of America's rural areas. God was one of Cash's favorite subjects, and his gospel tunes are always delivered with a heartfelt power few can match.
  8. "Black Soul Choir" by 16 Horsepower. A powerful tale of sin, this may be the darkest song on the list. But it is truly one of the best.
  9. "Spirit in the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum. A popular song in the hippie era, its singer was actually Jewish. That does not stop it from being one of the best songs about Jesus in radio history.
  10. "Jesus is Waiting" by Al Green. A long soulful testimonial, this is one of the Reverend Al's most revered tunes. It's a fitting capper for the list of best songs about Jesus.
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