10 Better Sex Tips For Married Couples

If you are looking for 10 better sex tips for married couples read on to find out some steamy secrets to better sex. Both men and women could benefit from learning what the other wants and needs in bed. Listed below are 10 better sex tips for married couples that will make the bedroom more pleasurable.

  1. Set the mood for sex. If you are wanting sex with your wife set the mood, don't expect her to jump just because you say "give me some." This is not fair to her. Your wife needs to know you find her attractive and want her because of the attraction, not just because you want a piece.
  2. Light candles to set the mood for romance. Candles have a way of bringing out something sexy in women. Light candles on countertops, end tables and the night stands in the bedroom. They can be scented or unscented and even a mixture of both. A nice smell from candles is always a pleasant surprise.
  3. Play some music to get her in the mood. Play songs that take you both back to when you were dating or first knew you were in love. Those songs will take her to a place she remembers as the best times of her life. It will be like walking in time and she will feel special in every way that counts. Leading you both to wanting some great sex.
  4. Cook her a dinner for two. Setup a small table for two in the living room or better yet in the middle of the bedroom. Have a bottle of bubbly and dinner ready and walk her to her table. To make things interesting feed her, she will love this.
  5. After dinner, give her a hot bubble bath. Draw water and add bubbles. Undress her and tell her to hop in the tub. Wash her from head to toe. Shampoo her hair gently and rinse her off when finished.
  6. After the bath dry her off. Take a fresh soft towel and gently dry her hair and body. Show her that you do not mind doing these things for her. Let her know you are the man she can count on when she needs you.
  7. After she is all dry lay her on the bed and apply lotion. Apply lotion to every inch of her body front and back. Massage in the lotion gently and softly. This will make her feel loved and set the mood for some great love making.
  8. Talk softly to her. Tell her why you fell in love with her and why you love her more today then yesterday. Women are suckers for men who tell you how much they care.
  9. Be attentive to her needs. When she wants to cuddle do it don't deny her that cuddle time. Women need a sense of comfort and love. Comfort is what women crave more in a relationship. They want to know their man don't mind cuddling up and watching a good movie before having sex.
  10. Pull out all the stops. Ask her what she wants for better sex. You won't know unless you ask he. Your wife is the only one that can tell you what she wants and how she wants it. Try what she likes you might just find out you really like it the same way she does.
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