10 Bicurious Dating Tips

If you're bicurious you may be looking for 10 bicurious dating tips before you jump into the dating pool. It's a tricky thing, many homosexual people don't put much weight on bisexual and bicurious people. Exploring with the same sex is a multi-faceted experience, and there is a lot to consider. For example, you must decide what type you are attracted to. You also must decide if you want to date someone who is gay, bisexual, or simply bicurious like yourself. We will address some of the best methods for dating as a bicurious person:

  1. Determine what your type is. This is probably more important when dating the same sex than in heterosexual dating. The easiest way to determine your type is by deciding if you're the hunter or if you're the type to enjoy being pursued.
  2. Stick to what you know. Don't try to impress people with fake experience; they will find out. Lying isn't very conducive to any relationship.
  3. Seek out gay singles. Whether this is by attending an event, going to a club, or visiting a particular neighborhood that has a larger gay community in or near your city. You will need to be engaging and assertive, most likely. Buy the person you are interested in a drink, ask him to dance, and just get to know him.
  4. If you're a little bit on the shy or unsure side, try online dating.  There are several sites that are geared specifically towards bicurious dating, though almost all dating sites have the option for whatever you are interested in exploring. If you do try online dating, keep it short. Exchange a few emails, have some phone conversations, and then go on a short date. It is very important that you find out if you are physically attracted and have chemistry.
  5. Offer to pay the bill. There's not really a hard and fast rule on who should pay. It should go without saying though that you shouldn't offer to pay unless you are sure you can afford it.
  6. Don't give too much information.  It may be helpful to let the person know that you've never been with a person of the same sex, but it may not be to use the term "bicurious". Bicurious and bisexual tend to come with some negative connotations, so it may be best to stick with a need to know rule at first.
  7. Keep it short and sweet. No one enjoys first dates that drag on forever, and it's even worse if the chemistry isn't there. If you're bicurious you probably aren't very sure of what to look for in a date, so don't plan a marathon. Go out to coffee at first and take it from there.
  8. Be honest if it's not working. He doesn't need your ego boosted by you if you aren't actually interested. If you don't feel a connection, be honest so you can both look elsewhere.
  9. Don't expect too much. If you go on one date, this doesn't mean you've met "the one". Same goes for sexual experiences. Don't expect your first time to be wonderful and induce tears. You shouldn't expect this to be the end all, and automatically decide to stop dating the opposite sex.
  10. Just go for it. If you're bicurious, just do it. Don't be afraid, you'll never know if you don't try. Start small, and if you enjoy bicurious dating, then relax. It's all about the experience and enjoying yourself.
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