10 Biggest Band Break-Ups Ever

Curious about the 10 biggest band break-ups ever? It is nearly impossible to name bands that broke up completely and do not perform under the same name without a band member dying. The greatest bands many people loved broke up for this reason, with the exception of the biggest band break-up of all, and anyone could probably name that one. Here's a list of bands that broke up their original line-up:

  1. The Beatles. Perhaps the most well-known band break-up of all time. John Lennon left the band to pursue his solo career.
  2. Led Zeppelin. The band broke up after the tragic car accident that killed drummer John Bonham.
  3. The Sex Pistols. One of punk rock's pioneer bands, the break-up happened after they imploded on their only U.S. tour.
  4. The Doors. With the band in limbo, Jim Morrison died under mysterious circumstances in Europe.
  5. The Beach Boys. This band break-up happened when Brian Wilson quit the band after many years of seclusion.
  6. The Grateful Dead. Jerry Garcia died in the 1990s, ending a seemingly eternal band tour and ending a lifestyle of rock and roll and travels of many kinds.
  7. The Eagles. This band break-up was caused by differences between the band members.
  8. The Police. This band break-up happened so the band members could pursue solo careers.
  9. The Clash. Their drummer was asked to leave because of heroin addiction. After that, the band fell apart.
  10. Nirvana. When frontman Kurt Cobain died of an apparent suicide, this band broke up.
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