10 Biggest Celebrities Who Still Smoke Cigarettes

Want to know the 10 biggest celebrities who still smoke cigarettes? Our biggest celebrities are supposed to be role models, but one are of their public images that some of them struggle with is being caught smoking cigarettes. Many of our favorite celebrities started smoking when they were very young, and  whether they are trying to hide it, or they are out in the open about doing it, here is a list of our 10 biggest celebrities who still smoke.

  1. Jennifer Aniston When you look at the sweet image of Jennifer Aniston you would not think that she is a smoker, but the paparazzi has made a killing off of pictures of her taking a smoke break. A smoker since she was a teenager, Aniston has talked about quitting many times over the years without following through.
  2. Daniel Radcliff We watched Radcliff grow up onscreen in the Harry Potter movies. A pack a day smoker, his coworkers have been calling him Harry Puffer because of his habit.
  3. Kate Hudson Hudson has admitted to smoking cigarettes in various interviews, and the proof is in the pictures. There have been numerous photos of her puffing away whether she is at a club, at the beach, or walking down the street. Hudson started smoking alongside her mom Goldie Hawn when she was young.
  4. Lindsay Lohan Lohan was able to at least temporarily kick the drug habit in rehab, but she smoked her way through it. Apparently she can not live without her cigarettes, because her friends were also concerned about a no smoking policy in jail while she served her time.
  5. Russell Crowe At 46 Russell Crowe has finally decided to quit smoking. He was and could still be a lifetime smoker, so we'll see if he can do it. A few years ago he broke a countries smoking ban as he smoked a cigarette after every song he sang in a concert in New Zealand.
  6. Jack Nicholson This one is pretty obvious. It is fairly well known that Nicholson is a smoker, and he makes no move to hide it. He also enjoys his Cuban cigars.
  7. Kate Moss A legendary fashion model, Kate Moss is also a chain smoker. She has tried to quit for the sake of her daughter, but has recently been seen smoking out a car window before she walked in a fashion show in London.
  8. Katherine Heigl Heigle, who has starred in TV's Grey's Anatomy, and Knocked Up has been smoking since she was in her 20's. Another celebrity who is struggling to quit for the sake of a child. she recently appeared on the David Letterman show and talked about the electronic cigarette she is using to help quit.
  9. Barak Obama Obama has been trying to quit for years, and his doctors have been telling him he needs to quit. Being president might be a little stressful, and not the easiest time to give up a nicotine habit though.
  10. Johnny Depp Another young starter, Depp smoke his first cigarette when he was 12. He is still a chain smoker in spite of several attempts to cut down. Depp once threatened to defy any smoking bans in both Great Britain, where he now lives, and in America.
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