10 Biggest Mansion Houses In The World

Our belief that "bigger is better" has never been portrayed in a more garish manner than the contest of the wealthy. Building monster-sized mansions has become the sought after status symbol, as each new mansion is built larger and more extravagant than the last. Made popular by the hit TV show "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous", we have become enamored with the way the filthy rich live. These are the top ten biggest mansions in the world, the best that money can build.

  1. The Istana Nurul Iman in the Philippines is more than 2,000,000-square-feet—that’s 28 football fields! This easily garnishes it number one on the top 10 biggest mansions in the world. Actually home to the Sultan and his families (wink, wink), with a 165 car garage and 200 horse stable you'll have room for your ponies, whichever type they may be.
  2. Windsor Castle, home of Queen Elizabeth II, easily ranks as number two on the biggest mansions in the world. In a manner befitting royalty, this home is 210 times the size of the average American home. With 1,000 rooms to explore, you could get lost for days.
  3. The third biggest mansion in the world sits in Mumbai. The Antilla also holds the title of world's tallest mansion, towering above its surroundings at 27 stories. Need a glass of water while you're visiting? Just ask one of the 600 servants kept on staff.
  4. Villa Leopolda ties Antilla at 80,000-square-feet making it number four of the top 10 biggest mansions. Another home built by royalty, this mansion is now privately owned. If you feel like bowling, just head downstairs to your own private bowling alley.
  5. The Hamptons mansion helps the United States secure number five of in the top 10 biggest mansions in the world at 66,000-square-feet.  This home looks more like a college campus sitting on beach front property. This mansion is a car enthusiast's dream with its 200 car garage.
  6. You knew Donald Trump had to own one of the world biggest mansions. The Maison de L'Amitie befits a man of his financial stature, measuring in at 62,000-square-feet.  A home for all you art lovers, you can enjoy your very own art gallery.
  7. New Jersey's largest mansion sits at number six on the world's biggest homes.  Having Snookie and "the Situation" as neighbors may be no prize, but this house makes up for it. It even has its own ice cream parlor.
  8. The home of Aaron Spelling, producer and father of Tori Spelling, is seventh at 56,500-square-feet.  A child's playground, this home houses countless fitness and sports courts for the boys; for the girls a doll museum and a gift wrapping room.
  9. Surprisingly, ranking in at number nine on our top 10 biggest mansions in the world is Bill Gates' home.  Knock on the door for a visit and you'll be offered a computerized lapel pin. As you tour the technologically advanced home, the pin will adjust music, lighting and temperature to your individual liking.
  10. Lastly, is the Georgia Mansion of Hubert Humphrey. Keeping true to the ideology of southern hospitality, you can stop out for a workout in the world-class gym.  Afterwards, end your day with a visit to the massage room for an hour with the staff masseuse. Now that's a happy ending.
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