10 Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad

10 birthday gift ideas for fathers include suggestions for new dads and gifts for longtime fathers with years of kid-wrangling experience. Dads may say they don't want gifts, the macho thing, but any dad will appreciate a gift that shows you put some thought into something special to remember his birthday. Gifts need not cost a ton of money to be fine dad gifts. It's more important to give the gift some thought to show you actually understand a bit about your dad's tastes and interests.

  1. Wallet filled with photographs. The key thing here is the photo part. Buy a wallet that your dad favors; one with the cash slot in the correct spot and spaces for charge cards or whatever else your dad carries around every day. Add some personal photos of you and your family and you're set for a fine birthday gift event. 
  2. Framed photos. Avoid the stodgy photos and ask someone to shoot a few zany images of you and other family members. Use your computer skills and whip up a modern art piece using software and the digital images. Buy a frame to match the main colors used in the art and box it up nicely for dad's special day. This birthday gift idea for dad is sure to please. 
  3. Sporting equipment. Look over your dad's sport equipment to see if anything needs replaced or repaired, then, buy the items for a gift. Don't wrap the birthday gift, simply substitute the replacement for the original and put a little card in the sport bag or tie a note on the equipment. 
  4. Media gifts. Films, CDs, DVDs are great birthday gift ideas for dads who enjoy media. Download songs for dads who are hip to computer and Internet use. If you're not sure of the titles, get a gift certificate at a company that sells media. If dad's old school, you might want to consider introducing a gift of an iPod and personal directions on how to operate the equipment. 
  5. Night clothes. Just because dad doesn't wear fine night clothes doesn't necessarily mean he isn't interested in looking fine, especially if dad is unattached. Spring for some formal night clothes for dad's birthday. A nice smoking jacket doesn't mean dad needs to smoke; he might like to wear a jacket or robe on cold mornings around the house. 
  6. Active wear, aka stuff dad likes to wear to the gym or workout at home. If dad goes to the gym in rags, you have your gift idea. Buy some hip workout clothes to feature your dad in public. This gift is especially nice if dad is single and looking for a love interest. 
  7. Jewelry. No need to go gold here, select something in sterling silver for dad. Cuff links are fine for dads who need to wear a suit and tie for work. Give the design some thought and buy an interesting set that he'll be proud to wear during the week. If dad goes out on the weekends, select a fun pair of links for partying. 
  8. Hats. You know your dad better than most, so select some head gear that gives your dad a nice public image. Baseball hats, winter weather head wear or a cowboy Stetson are all equally fine choices for dad's birthday. 
  9. Wristwatch. Watches offer a way to give your dad some necessary bling without going full tit on the bank account. If your dad is into outdoor activities, spring for a sports watch. For dads who work all week, buy an office model. 
  10. Cold or hot weather wear. Scarves and gloves and a nice coat are good group dad gifts for winter weather. Summer gifts might include shorts or a bathing suit. 
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