Stop spinning your wheels, and take a woman’s advice on 10 birthday gift ideas for wife.

Even if some of these sound cliché, they will be impressive nonetheless.

Because the perfume you get her every year is getting old…

Purchase a six-week dance course for the two of you. Women love to dance and wish their husbands did too.

Antique Locket: This, you can find on eBay at all different prices. If you’re short of cash these days, buy an inexpensive locket with a look of antiquity and make it sing with the right packaging. Those little blue boxes from Tiffany & Co. are responsible for much of the hype. Obviously, don’t pick a Tiffany blue box for wrapping your wife’s birthday gift, unless it’s actually from Tiffany & Co. You can find great wrapping materials at Target, The Container Store, Hallmark, or The Paper Source. A classy box, some tissue paper, and ribbon should do the trick.

Pearl Earrings: They are classic and in most cases, you can get an impressive pair of pearls cheaper than an impressive pair of diamond studs.  Any woman worth her salt will recognize the timelessness of a gift of pearls. Even if you’re loaded and can afford five carat diamond studs, stick with pearls. Diamond studs should be reserved for a wedding gift or pregnancy gift.

Cashmere Sweater: Also a classic. Women and men, both, should own at least one, delicious, cashmere sweater. Pay attention to whether she likes crew necks, v-necks, or button downs. This can run you from $99 to the sky. She will be impressed by your awareness of cashmere as a classic even if you buy on the low end. Swinging to the high end will earn your wife’s birthday gift a permanent spot in her wardrobe and maybe a little midnight fellatio for you.

Tickets to a concert, ballet, musical or play: Unless your wife is a hardcore Nascar fan who uses her teeth to open beer bottles, live performance is a ringer for a birthday gift. Use your best judgment to determine which style she would enjoy most. Add a picnic in the park with Champagne or wine to this if you really want to go big. Don’t forget a wine key, and I suggest real glass. You’re grown-ups. I’m sure you can manage real glass. It feels much more elegant. You may also want to check the rules of the park or whatever location you choose. you don’t want to get cited or arrested on your wife’s birthday.

Dance Lessons: Purchase a six-week dance course for the two of you. Women love to dance and wish their husbands did too. Try Ballroom, East-Coast Swing, or Salsa. Even if you’re no Fred Astaire or Justin Timberlake, she will appreciate the effort. If you do happen to pick up a move or two, you will be the envy of every couple at wedding receptions to come.

Train Ride to Dinner: Most every woman has looked nostalgically upon the black-and-white poster of a woman kissing her man good-bye as the train rolls away from the station. Bring this picture to life for your wife’s birthday with a train ride to the nearest metropolis for an elegant birthday dinner. Get dressed up. Book a hotel room in the city and take the train back the next day. Have a bottle of Champagne chilled and waiting in the room when you arrive.

Spa Day: Massage, Milk Bath, Mani/Pedi—It is more of an event, and feels much more decadent when you have the works. Otherwise, it can be strangely inconvenient to figure out where to squeeze a massage into your day. That sounds ridiculous and even ungrateful, but it’s true.

Sunglasses by one of her favorite designers: This birthday gift may seem small, but that depends on your wife’s taste. Some could pay a mortgage. Sunglasses are a staple item. A nice pair can make a great birthday gift. These should come with a trip to the store after dinner. Sunglasses are tricky and she may need to exchange for the right fit.

Purse: Not as imaginative, but the right purse will be a hit and have lasting enjoyment.

Shoes/Boots: What woman doesn’t like shoes? Again, choosing her favorite designer is key.