10 Bitchiest Brenda Moments On ‘Beverly Hills 90210’

These 10 bitchiest Brenda moments on ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ are definitely worth remembering. Brenda Walsh was a main character on the show for four full seasons and had a lot of memorable moments. Remember the way things once were by reading the summaries below. 

  1. Brenda and Kelly have a shouting match. Everyone is celebrating Mel and Jackie’s wedding, which is hosted by the Walsh family. At the rehearsal, Brenda and Kelly are tired of listening to each other’s love troubles and enter a shouting match. 
  2. Brenda sees Dylan and Kelly together for the first time. Brenda gets back from her summer trip to France and has a new love interest. On her date with the new guy, she sees Dylan and Kelly together for the first time. Needless to say, she’s not happy about running into them. 
  3. Brenda is on withdrawal. Brenda’s bitchiness is at an all-time high when she tries to kick her smoking habit. She’s pushed to her limits when all of her friends are pissed at her for accidentally spilling their secrets to a TV show. 
  4. Brenda reacts to Dylan and Kelly’s affair. Brenda lets it all out, pissed off and vengeful at the pair for their summer fling. She sets fire to photos that remind her of Dylan and imagines Kelly suffering. 
  5. Brenda sees Kelly in the same dress. Early on in the first season of “Beverly Hills 90210,” Brenda and Kelly establish a rivalry. Brenda is horrified when she realizes that Kelly is at the spring dance in the exact same dress. 
  6. Brenda moves out. A high school dropout at the comedy club is a bad influence on her. Brenda suddenly wants to prove that she’s an adult and moves out into her own apartment. 
  7. Brenda fights over her acting teacher. Brenda and Andrea fall in love with their acting teacher, resulting in a fierce competition. Brenda’s jealousy will end up getting the best of her and she’ll give Andrea a hard slap. 
  8. Brenda and Kelly try out for the same role. Even though Kelly was only trying out for a supporting role, the director sees her talent and has her try out for the lead. Brenda’s jealous and pissed when the director shows more interest in Kelly for the role. 
  9. Brenda drops out of college. After a string of unfortunate events, Brenda decides that she’ll go back home. Her bitchiness wasn’t getting her anywhere with her monopolizing roommate. 
  10. Brenda screws up at work.  Irresponsible Brenda forgets to make an important delivery for her father’s company. She shows her bitchy side when she has to deal with the consequences.
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