10 BlackBerry Bold Tips

You've gotten a brand new Blackberry Bold but you have no idea how to use it and that's where these 10 Blackberry Bold tips come in. The Blackberry Bold is a powerful smartphone with plenty of tips and tricks to help with productivity and other basic phone functions.

  1. Rebooting the Blackberry Bold fixes a lot of errors that pop up from time to time, whether it's an issue with the OS or an application. A quick reboot saves you the trouble of having to go through the entire process. Hit the "Alt," "Caps," and "Del" keys to trigger it. A reboot should always be your first step in troubleshooting any issues with the Blackberry. That way you don't have to go through with tech support if you need to call in.
  2. Hold the "Menu" key to switch between applications. Multitasking is always a fine option to have on a phone, especially one with as many applications as a Blackberry. You can surf the web, instant message your friends and look up that important pie chart your boss has been yapping about.
  3. Deleting the call log. Sometimes you need to clear out the call log, whether for covering your ass or just keeping things nice and neat. There's a folder called "Phone Call Logs." Choose "Delete Prior" to delete all the call logs or delete a specific log.
  4. You don't have to go to the phone menu to dial out. Enter your number on the home screen and hit "Dial." This might not be the most glamorous tip in the world, but it does save you a button press or two.
  5. Save battery life with a few Blackberry Bold tips. An easy way to improve battery life is decreasing the backlight and lighting. Cutting down on your wireless transmissions (such as data transfer and text messages) will provide less of a drain on the battery.
  6. The Blackberry Bold has a hotkey combination to select multiple items. Hold "Shift" and roll the trackball over all items you wish to select. You can use this Blackberry Bold tip to quickly delete large groups of items or copy files.
  7. Optimize the Blackberry Bold browser with this tip. Turn off images by navigating to "Browser Options," "Browser Configuration" and unchecking the "Show Images" box. It won't be as pretty, but you get lighting fast performance and slower battery drain.
  8. Fix browser script issues by turning off JavaScript. JavaScript applications can cause crashes on some sites, so navigate to "Browser Options," "Browser Configuration" and uncheck "Javascript Support." Certain sites won't work without JavaScript enabled, so you'll probably end up toggling this on and off.
  9. To speed dial hold down the key that you assigned to the number. Make sure to hold it for several seconds or it won't trigger. It's a small feature, but one you'll find yourself using frequently.
  10. Roll the trackpad up or down to control call volume. It's not immediately apparent that this is the volume control. You don't want to have to search around for it, so it's here in the ten Blackberry Bold tips.
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