10 Blind Date Questions

If you've got a night out on town with a special stranger, you'll need 10 blind date questions to come along. A blind date is any sort of romantic courting that involves a total stranger, usually set up by a mutual friend or connection. Although there doesn't have to be a middle man in the blind date, it's always helpful. Read up on our top blind date questions to spice up the night!

  1. "Where are you from/What's your story?" Think about it this way: this question will probably start the biggest, most meaningful conversation of the night. Not only will you get a sense of who your date is, but their outlook on life. Great ice breaker.
  2. "Did you see [the newest movie out in theaters]?" Making a cultural connection will establish a personal bond with your blind date. After all, you all live in the same society with the same movies.
  3. "Where are you at now/What's your job?" The current state of people can often predict how they will act. For example, a college student who has multiple tests this week might be stressed. Be considerate to your date's current affairs.
  4. "How many other blind dates have you been on?" Have a little fun and josh around with the unique situation. After all, unless your partner is a blind date aficionado they'll like to relieve some tension from the outing.
  5. "What's the most embarrassing date you have ever been on?" Tell your partner to think of a situation that was awkward or uncomfortable. Maybe one time his/her significant other spent a coupon on their first date. Wow, that's cheap!
  6. "If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?" How does your date see his/her environment. The Earth is a big planet, and everyone knows there are some things in need of changing. Stay away from political/religious topics in this question, however.
  7. "Do you have any pet peeves?" This is more of a rhetorical question; everyone in the world has pet peeves. The answer you receive to this blind date question should be noted so as to avoid stepping on anyone's toes.
  8. "Got a favorite radio/television station?" Get an insight into your date's artistic side. Are they a fan of the late Classical era musical scores, or an MTV-watching hipster?
  9. "Do you think the social rules for dating are too strict?" A bit of a break from the other light-hearted blind date questions. No need to get too deep, but ask your partner if it isn't all a bit too conservative? Is it important to be yourself on a first date?
  10. "What did you think I was going to look like" Okay, time to grow some thick skin with your blind date. Of course, considering neither one of you have previously met, there will be assumptions about looks. Don't be rude, just joke "I thought you would have had black hair!".

Entertaining as they are, blind date questions serve to open up a very closed stranger in a short amount of time. After all, going on a blind date is a difficult, unnatural task that can be fun albeit stressful. Take care, now!

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