10 Blond Actors Under 30

Looking for 10 blonde actors under 30? They say "blondes have more fun," and in the case of these ten hotties, they really do! Here's our top ten list of blonde actors under 30!

  1. Jamie Bell. Jamie Bell is a newcomer to the American movie industry. His most recent role was alongside Hayden Christensen in "Jumper." This blonde actor was also featured in "Flags of Our Fathers" in 2006.
  2. Ryan Gosling. Ryan Gosling touched our hearts in "The Notebook" and shocked us with "Murder by Numbers." This blonde actor's boyish looks and deep-voiced charms melt the heart away.
  3. Zac Efron. Despite his squeaky-clean image and charms, Zac still manages to get our motors running. He's best know for his stint in the "High School Musical" series, but it's his off-screen antics that keep us on our toes. His sexy photo shoot in "Interview" magazine got our blood boiling and made us want to use some of his good boy clean to wash away the bad boy grime.
  4. Chad Michael Murray. Chad Michael Murray is probably best known for his role on "One Tree Hill" and short stint on "Dawson's Creek." This blonde actor's deep, sultry eyes and strong, silent good looks make our hearts skip a beat.
  5. Channing Tatum. Channing Tatum has recently exploded in his acting career, staring in "G.I. Joe, The Rise of Cobra," "Public Enemies," "Stop-Loss" and "Step Up 2: The Streets." But his most heart-touching performance came from his role in "Dear John," where he plays a military man who's deeply in love and has to leave love for war. His role in "Fighting" also excited us in all the right places.
  6. Heath Leger. Heath Leger makes this list despite his passing because of his amazing acting range and his smoldering good looks. His best role was as the Joker in "The Dark Knight," where he out-shined the lead role. He also shined in the controversial "Brokeback Mountain," where he played a married man in a secret homosexual relationship with his friend, played by Jake Gyllenhaal.
  7. Hayden Christensen. Hayden Christensen showed us that the dark side has it's perks. The ultra-sexy blonde actor is best known for his role in the "Star Wars" series as the pre-evil Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker. He was also featured in "New York, I Love You" and starred in the action film "Jumpers."
  8. Jackson Rathbone. Although not originally a blonde actor, Jackson wears the color well. He amazed us in his roles in the "Twilight" series and also stars in "The Last Airbender."
  9. Justin Timberlake. Justin Timberlake started out as the baby-faced cutie in 'NSync and broke out to pop success with several albums. Timberlake costarred in "Alpha Dogs," "The Love Guru" and "Black Snack Moan," showing his versatility and acting range.
  10. Cam Gigandet. Cam Gigandet is another of the quality performers in "Twilight" and was also seen in "The Unborn" as the sexy lead. This blonde actor first showed us his sexy style and bad boy skills in "The O.C." in 2006.
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