10 Boar Hunting Tips

Boar hunting is growing in popularity and these 10 boar hunting tips could help improve your chances of hunting them. Boar are wild hogs that are descended from animals brought to the new world by the Spanish in 1500. Additionally, there are domesticated pigs that have become wild over the years. In most states, boar are considered a nuisance and there is no closed season or limit to how many boar you can hunt. There is also some crossbreeding, but those animals are both often called boar even though they are different animals. Boar have tusks, long hair and thicker skin than regular pigs. Texas has more boar than any state and boar primarily live in warmer Southern states, but they are spreading northward and have been seen as far north as Minnesota.

  1. Use a strong weapon. Boar have very thick skin, so you will need a powerful gun to kill them. It takes a precise shot with a strong bullet to make a kill.
  2. Use weapons appropriate to the type of hunting you are doing. Nighttime hunting is different than daytime hunting and there are differences hunting in the woods or open pastures; you need to adjust your weapons and strategy accordingly. Night hunting, for instance, requires weapons that do not rely on lining a shot up with sights.
  3. Many landowners consider the animals pests and are happy to allow hunters to take them off their land. However, make sure you have permission from the landowner and be careful to not accidentally harm a domesticated animal. Hogs reproduce rapidly, are destructive to crops and cause erosion with their digging.
  4. Scout the area you intend to hunt first. Learn to look for signs such as tracks, droppings, trails and rooting. Rooting is the easiest to spot because the mess can be large.
  5. Scout often throughout the year. Keep records of your sightings and signs you find. This will help you find patterns of behavior. Use this information in deciding where to set up a stand for hunting.
  6. Hunting hogs at night is also popular in states where it is legal. Some states restrict night hunting. You will need some light. Do not try to use a shotgun or handgun at night because aiming is very difficult in the dark. A powerful rifle is effective at night.
  7. Be careful with your aim. Hogs have an extra layer of hide around their shoulders, so you need to shoot at their body or head instead. Study the hogs and learn from other hunters about how to make the best possible shot.
  8. Use something like baking soda to mask your odor. Avoid walking on/near trails they use to avoid tipping them off to your presence. Some people like to use scents to attract hogs as well.
  9. Hogs can grow up to 400 pounds, but smaller hogs, between 150 and 200 pounds, make the best meat for eating. Go for the smaller hogs if you are hunting for meat. On the other hand, if you are hunting for a trophy boar with large tusks, the 400 pounder is what you are looking for.
  10. Look for hogs near water with a heavy brush cover. This is the type area where they like to sleep and hide from humans. Make this part of your scouting and learning process.
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