10 Boat Dock Construction Tips

Looking for 10 boat dock construction tips? These tips for boat dock construction will help make your boat dock an excellent source of entertainment during the summer months. Besides housing your boat, you can also grill out, fish and spend quality time with the family on your boat dock. If you’re ready to improve your boat dock-building skills, then take a look at this list of construction tips for your boat dock.

  1. Build on land, not on water. If it’s possible, try to do your construction of your boat dock on land, not on water. It’s much faster, easier and more efficient to do your work on land instead of water. You also reduce the chance of dropping that expensive electric drill in the water!
  2. Choose your spot with care. When constructing your boat dock, choose the spot where you will place your dock with care. It’s much easier to install your boat dock in an area that’s clear of timber, very grassy and not a sloping hillside. If you choose to construct a dock that is removable, it’s much easier to pull it out of the water without these issues.
  3. Stake your chances on stakes. When constructing your boat dock, make sure to stake it to your shoreline during the building process and afterwards. This will help to keep your boat dock in place, not floating down the lake to visit your neighbors! You can use chains to wrap around your stakes, then attach them to your boat dock.
  4. Treated lumber. If you haven’t constructed your boat dock yet, make sure you use lumber that has been treated to withstand the elements. If you happened to use lumber that isn’t treated, it will quickly split in two and become unreliable. Treated lumber also gives you the advantage of being easier to cut and less prone to having tough knots to drill through.
  5. Seal your wood. Even if you are using treated lumber, you will need to re-seal it at least once a year. Many popular deck sealers will fit the bill for this project. Deck sealers enable you to be able to enjoy your dock for years to come and will protect your hard work. If you have a removable deck, try to dry it thoroughly before applying deck sealer.
  6. Plastic or metal. Some of the products that you will be using to construct your dock will use either metal or plastic parts. When you have a choice between the two, choose plastic. Plastic will hold up much better to the wear and tear of the elements. It won’t absorb water like the wood will and you won’t have to worry about replacing these parts.
  7. Barrels, barrels, barrels. If you are using barrels as supports for your deck, you’ll need to choose the right type to construct your dock. Make sure that you use the same types of barrels and not different types. Also, check to make sure each barrel is buoyant enough to support your boat dock.
  8. Rope or chains. To tie up your barrels, you have the option of using either metal chains or rope. In this situation, choose a quality rope that will hold up against the elements. Rope won’t rust like metal chains, and a quality type of rope won’t absorb water either!
  9. Boat dock fences. If you’re looking to construct a fence for your boat dock, it’s easy to do with a couple of items we’ve already discussed in this article. First, construct your posts out of your treated lumber. Next, using metal hooks on the posts, string your rope between the posts. Now you have your own fence around the boat dock to grab a hold of!
  10. Hook your boat up. A nice finishing touch to your dock is to install a place to hook your boat up to. Take your metal hooks and install a couple at the edge of your dock with an electric drill. Now you have a nice finishing touch to your boat dock and a great place to tie your boat to with your rope!
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