10 Body Massaging Tips

Learn about ten body massaging tips to give her an unforgettable experience. You want to give her the type of body massage that she will not soon forget. A refreshing body massage will stimulate her mind, body and soul. She will feel more relaxed and invigorated than she ever has before. Follow these body massage tips and she will be in massage heaven.

  1. Prepare a relaxing and soothing room. The ambience in the room has to be on point, or you can ruin the calming effect of the massage. The room shouldn’t be too bright or chilly. These are things to consider when giving a body massage.
  2. Choose mild scented body massage oils. Use body oils that are mildly scented. Since you will be using the massage oil over the body, you don’t want the smell to become overwhelming.

  3. Use aromatherapy candles. These types of candles will bring serenity to the room. Aromatherapy candles will make the body massage more inviting. She will enjoy the body massage more if she is already relaxed before it starts. 

  4. Set and test the temperature in the room. The room needs to be at a pleasant temperature. She will be in her birthday suit and the last thing she wants to be covered in is goose bumps. So strip down and check it out.

  5. Invite her to take an exhilarating bubble bath with you. You can either choose to take it with her or let her bathe alone. Offer to give a helping hand by washing her back. Give her a little appetizer before she gets the main dish.

  6. Have all of your supplies next to the site of body massage. Make sure you have everything you need for body massage. She will lose her focus, which would be the enticing massage you are giving her, if you step out the room. You don’t want to have to leave out of the room because you forgot something. 

  7. Make the room a no phone zone. This time should be about you and the lucky person getting the body massage. You and she should leave your phones outside of the room, so there won't be any distractions.

  8. Have a few refreshments. It won't be easy for her to enjoy the massage on an empty stomach. Have her eat nothing heavy, just some cheese, crackers and or strawberries with a little mild wine to wash it all down. That should be enough to curb the appetite.

  9. Wrap a towel around her. You should start the body massage from her neck and work your way down. Have a full body towel to cover her with and just pull it down as you go, so she won't catch a chill. After a few minutes, her body heat will increase from the massage. She may no longer need a towel to keep her warm.

  10. Adjust the speed, massage techniques and intensity of the massage. The only way to know if you are giving her an electrifying massage is to listen to how she responds to you. Start off with slow gentle strokes to loosen up her muscles. When she starts to warm up, use a kneading motion and add a little more pressure to it. She will let you know if she is enjoying it. If she is quiet, you need to add a little more pressure. If she seems to be moaning with pain then ease up a bit. You should have everything under control at this point.

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