10 Body Shape Fashion Tips

If you’re feeling a little lost as far as what to wear, welcome to this awesome list of 10 body shape fashion tips. As just about anyone can deduce, not every piece of clothing will look good on every body shape. We see proof of this on a daily basis from the fashionably dense. This little list of fashion tips will cover all body shapes, though, so regardless of your size, you may still find something practical here to add to your fashion sense gamut.

  1. It needs to fit. This cannot be said enough times, every day, people are walking around in clothing that absolutely does not fit them. Most of the time, it’s people wearing stuff that’s too small, but it’s also folks who put themselves into clothing that is way too big and hangs off them. The solution? Just wear something that fits.
  2. Apples and pears. Just because you’re on the big side doesn’t mean you can’t dress with a sense of fashion. These body shapes demand clothing that brings attention to other areas in order to take any focus off a flabby belly. Don’t wear anything too large and wear dark-colored tops. In addition, pleat-free flare-leg or boot-leg jeans will help even out a generously-proportioned body.
  3. Big and tall. If you’re husky or really tall, don’t buy regular clothing because you’ll look like an idiot who can’t shop. There are stores made specifically for guys who are really tall or a bit round in the waist, so make use of them. They may be more expensive, but it will be a worthwhile investment if you can find clothing that fits and looks good.
  4. Beer gut. If you’ve got a pudgy belly, do not wear your pants that fit under your stomach. This will push the flesh up, making you look larger than you actually are. Look for a pair of pants that fits around your waist, not underneath it.
  5. Short ones. If you’re a bit shorter than the average guy, then what you want to do is ensure your pants are long enough and fall below the ankle. This is true for all men, but particularly for the shorter fellows. Wearing pants or jeans that are too short will make your legs look even shorter.
  6. Stripes are frenemies. More fashion tips for the husky guys, if you’re a big guy, go for vertical stripes as opposed to horizontal. No idea why it happens, but horizontal stripes will make you look a whole lot larger. Except for dressing as an inmate for Halloween, stay away from the horizontal patterns.
  7. The V shape. A guy with a V-shaped body is bigger around the shoulders with a body that tapers as it approaches the waist. If you’ve top heavy, you’ll want to pick a fashion that brings out your lower body. Basically, anything overweight men are advised not to wear, the V-shaped man is encouraged to put on.
  8. Moobs. A lot of guys have them, and just as many hate them. Even guys who maintain an otherwise normal body shape or weight might be plagued with some perky man-breasts, and they can limit one’s fashion options. If you want to make your moobs a bit more subdued, wear clothing that isn’t too tight and wear an undershirt beneath your top. If all else fails, try a sports bra. Seriously.
  9. Skinny guys. If you’re a bit on the scrawny side, wear layers of clothing, padded clothing, or clothes with thick stripes. Any fashion choices we advised larger men to not wear, wear that. Don’t walk around with your shirt tucked into your shorts and a fanny pack about your waist. You’ll look like a complete dork if you do
  10. Buff. Hey, let’s not leave out muscular fashion tips. Guys, if you’re ripped, absolutely cut like a diamond, save your super-tight shirts for the gym. Wear comfortably-fitting V-neck tops and jeans that are slightly snug in the butt, but baggy in the legs in order to flatter your figure without excessively boasting it.
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