10 Body Surfing Tips For Beginners

If you are a beginning body surfer and you're interested in improving, then check out these 10 body surfing tips for beginners. Body surfing, as you well know, is the art of surfing without a surf board. It can be difficult, but body surfing can be  fun when you get the hang of it. 

  1. Watch other body surfers. Watch how they time themselves, which waves they are trying to surf and how they position their bodies. Learn as much as you can through the process of observation. When they're done body surfing, ask them some questions about what you observed. 
  2. Don't body surf alone. Some of the larger waves may take you by surprise. A face full of water could cause you to drown. Crashing waves can cause you to break bones. Make sure you have a buddy or a lifeguard is on duty. 
  3. Rest when you're tired. Body surfing can be quite tiring, especially for beginners. Make sure you know your limits and when to take breaks. 
  4. Know which waves to catch. Generally, if you have to swim to a wave or take more than a few steps to surf it, it is probably too far away. Wait for the waves that come to you, take a step or a stroke or two and fall into them. 
  5. Study the waves and position yourself accordingly. Waves form, then they peak. Don't hang out in a random shallow spot. Watch where the wave sets form, where they peak and where they travel. This will give you clues about where to be to catch the best waves. You want to be slightly past where the waves break. 
  6. Ride the small waves. If you wait for the big waves, you'll be hanging around instead of body surfing most of the time. Most waves are small and close to shore. These can be quite fun to surf. 
  7. Wear swimming fins. Swimming fins make body surfing easier and more fun. Fins make it much easier to steer yourself, especially if you are a beginner on one of the larger waves. 
  8. Get proper training. Body surfing can be dangerous. Make sure that you take a reputable body surfing for beginners class and learn the art thoroughly.
  9. Turn your body to avoid a wipe out. If you catch a wave, and you think you're headed for a wipe out, turn the body so that it is parallel to the wave. If you do this, you will roll instead of flip. If you are perpendicular to the wave, you may flip and catch a mouth full (or a lung full) of water.
  10. Avoid huge drop offs. If you walk into the water just a few feet and you're in over your head, then you probably won't have a good time body surfing as a beginner. There may be large waves that crash straight down to the shore when it gets shallow. This can cause injuries. 

Now that you have a few body surfing tips for beginners, check your body surfing education to make sure it's solid, hit the waves and have fun. The whole point of body surfing is fun. Play it safe and you'll have a blast. 

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