10 Boom Windsurfing Tips

Anyone, from new at the sport, to the most experience participant can you these 10 boom windsurfing tips. With safety as well as general windsurfing practice, there are tips that can help you to have much more success the next time you go out.

  1. Know the universal distress signal. Waving both hands over your head is  the universal distress signal. This is a safety measure that is the sort of boom windsurfing tip you'll never want to have to use, but you better know it!
  2. Know how to contact emergency help. If you're sailing in an unfamiliar place, put emergency numbers on the dash of your car in a position where they can be read from the outside.
  3. Be prepared for the weather. If you're going to rig in the hot weather, first get cool. If you're about to rig in cold weather, make yourself warm first
  4. Be especially prepared for cold weather windsurfing. If you're about to boom windsurf when it's chilly, have a cooler filled with hot water handy. This water keeps warm for quite a while and can be utilized to thaw your feet and hands. Also, while de-rigging, change out of your wet suit just as quickly as you can to guard against the wind chill.
  5. Know in advance you to unstick a two piece mast. When boom windsurfing, you'll need to know how to quickly unstick two piece masts. To accomplish this task, you apply a clamp on booms as though it were a huge wrench—this gives it added leverage. Remember not to clamp too close to the joint portion of the top piece. If you still need extra leverage, use more booms and get the help of more people.
  6. Know how to saw off a cracked mast. This boom windsurfing tip utilizes an inexpensive plastic miter box for the straight cut, keeping the connection between the top and bottom flush. Apply clear plastic packing tape to connect the top and bottom sections of the two-piece mast together. That way, they can be kept joined without rigging. This will also make de-rigging much easier.
  7. Know how to down haul. While down hauling, put pressure with a leg, rather than doing the pulling using your back or legs. Remember, legs are always strongest.
  8. Know how to make your mast slide easier into its sleeve. By applying furniture polish on your mast, it'll go into its sleeve faster. It also makes it look good.
  9. Know what to do about broken booms. If your boom breaks in the middle of sailing, you might be able to merely flip it over and use the unbroken side to sail it back in.
  10. Know how to close the gap at the front of a fin. The boom windsurfing tip for this fix involves putting a shim at the back lower section of the fin that fits inside the board. This makes it function a little like a seesaw. 
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