10 Boring Movies

The problem with compiling a list of ten boring movies is separating the boring ones from the bad ones. Just because a movie is boring does not necessarily mean that it’s bad. The films on this list are a mixture of both. If you can stay awake long enough to finish them, you’ll probably agree.

  1. “Battlefield Earth”(2000). Everyone knows this film was not only boring but also bad. It is so bad that it just might be the worst film ever released. Both boring and unbelievable the film took itself seriously when it was really just a sub B-movie that should have never made it to the big screen. Watch at your own risk.
  2. “Titanic”(1997). It may have made all of the money before Avatar came along but this film has got to be one of the most ten boring movies ever made. You have to wait for the end of the movie for anything significant to happen in this one. It also doesn’t help that everyone knows how it ends before you even see it.
  3. “The Matrix Revolutions”(2003). Boring and disappointing, this movie soiled a franchise that was already damp in the pants. At least "The Matrix Reloaded" had that cool freeway chase. What makes this movie so boring is spending all our time outside the matrix, underground in a rusty ship waiting for machines that look like mechanical sperm to attack.
  4. “The Hulk”(2003). Not the Incredible Hulk, the first one. The stories were essentially the same but this movie was just wrong. Any movie that can’t hold your attention long enough to watch Jennifer Connelly automatically qualifies for a ten boring movies list.
  5. “The Thin Red”(1998). War but no war. Long slow scenes of soldiers walking and talking help to make this one the ten boring movies that you don’t want to sit through. Technically sound filmmaking and lush scenery aren’t enough to keep you from sleeping during this one.
  6. “The English Patient”(1996). A perfect example of a film that is both boring and good at the same time. A more accurate depiction would be slow paced. However, since the point is to identify boring movies this one has to make the list. The movie is full of great performances but the pace is inescapably slow.
  7. “Cold Mountain”(2003). Another excellently slow paced and boring movie. Like The English Patient, Anthony Minghella directs this film. A master of well-made, beautifully acted, boring films, his particular style will be missed.
  8. “Angels & Demons”(2009). "The DaVinci Code" was the predecessor to this movie and by contrast seems like a NASCAR promotional video. Tom Hanks lumbers through this film in search of a physics riddle that a common man can’t understand. Physics and being set primarily in the Vatican destined this film for somebody’s boring movie list.
  9. “Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3; Dead Man’s Chest/At World’s End”(2006/2007). These movies were shot back-to-back so why not count them as one long boring movie. Huge blockbusters the both of them. And like The Matrix sequels both movies boringly disappoint. As great as Johnny Depp is, even Captain Jack’s antics can’t rescue these sleepers from Davy Jones’s locker.
  10. “Nightmare on Elm Street”(2010). You wouldn’t think that a horror movie could be one of the ten boring movies on this list, but sure enough it is. Ironic since the character's driving action in this movie is to not fall asleep. That’s just what might happen if you subject yourself to this yawn inducing tale.
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