10 Bowling Coaching Tips

These 10 bowling coaching tips can help you increase your skills and form.  Bowling is one of the most competitive and complicated sports around. It not only lets you remain fit and maintain proper coordination, but it also helps you have some fun with friends and family. Coaching properly for the game can help you with gaining confidence and beating the competition, and having some great fun while you're at it.

  1. Maintain proper posture. Focus on keeping the head up, with your attention directly at the target. The shoulders should be maintained square with the foul line, particularly during the swing.
  2. Get a proper grip of the ball. If you are using a house ball, ensure a loose fitting thumbhole. The thumb usually swells while bowling and in if you force your fingers into the holes prior to bowling, there are chances that your thumb may get stuck.
  3. Drill holes according to your finger size if you own your bowling ball.  Be sure your holes are drilled by a professional.  If the problem of swelling persists, wrap the thumb with bowler’s tape.
  4. Know exactly where you are standing. If you are right-handed, stand two arrows to the right of the middle, and if you are left-handed two arrows to the left of the center is the appropriate place to stand.
  5. Concentrate on your target. Determine the exact spot you will throw the ball.
  6. Take deep breaths bowling. This is important to relieve the anxiety right before bowling and to properly control the ball.
  7. Make smooth and fixed number of moves while throwing the ball. It helps in giving the right power and speed to the ball.
  8. Take your time; do not rush when bowling. Even though speed is required for delivering the ball, excessive speed usually results in gutter balls.
  9. Maintain your balance. You can use your leg to act as a counterweight to maintain your balance while releasing the ball.
  10. Release the ball while in proper posture. One of the most important bowling coaching tips is to remember that once you release the ball, make sure to complete the follow through. If you pull the arm back, the ball will most often roll off-course
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