10 Bowling Practice Tips

Work on your game with these 10 bowling practice tips. Practicing is an important part of any sport. Learning how to practice will keep you from developing bad habits.

  1. Join a bowling league. This is a great way to get in practice time. It’s always easier to practice a skill with other people and this way you have people to help you.
  2. Use the right ball. You should never bowl with improper equipment because this could cause you to develop bad habits. Make sure the finger holes are not too tight or too small. Also make sure the ball is the correct weight for you.
  3. Purchase your own ball. It is best to buy your own ball so that you are used to that ball. Using the balls at the bowling alley can shift your game and again make you develop bad habits.
  4. Set a practice time. It’s easier to keep up your practice if it’s something you do each week. Regular practice is essential for success.
  5. Choose an approach. Most professional bowlers use a 5-step approach. Amateur bowlers usually use a four-step approach. You should decide which one works best for you and be consistent in your approach.
  6. Take small steps. With either approach that you choose, make sure you use small steps.
  7. Keep your movements smooth. Your approach and release should both be smooth. While practicing make sure to keep your movements smooth.
  8. Roll the ball. Be sure to roll your ball in your release and not throw it. A rough release will not be as effective as that with a smooth release.
  9. Have a spotter. A good way to improve your technique is to have a spotter watch you bowl. This person can help make suggestions.
  10. Video tape your practice. Just like having a spotter, videotaping your practice will help you see where you need improvement.
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