10 Boxing Drills For Speed

Looking for 10 boxing drills for speed? Boxing is as much a mental sport as it is a physical one. The boxing drills listed below will help to improve your speed, hand-eye coordination and your mental game. When a boxer knows he is faster than his opponent, it builds confidence and clears the mind, enabling him to be more focused on attack instead of defense. When you drill for speed, you drill for victory.

  1. High-intensity punch-out drill. This drill is designed to increase speed and stamina. The boxer hits the heavy bag with as much intensity as he can and as rapidly as he can for three minutes. The rapid 1-2-1-2-1-2 punches should be thrown hard. Four three-minute rounds should be completed.
  2. The longest round. This drill should be done every other day. Just as a batter in baseball warms up to swing with a heavier bat, the theory in boxing is if the fighter has the stamina to fight four-minute rounds, the actual three-minute rounds during a fight are a breeze. The boxer should hit the heavy bag with intensity for four four-minute rounds. If you feel like you are saving energy and not showing enough intensity, address this problem immediately. If not corrected, the drill is a waste of time.
  3. Heavy glove punch-out. Using sixteen-ounce gloves instead of normal gloves, which weigh six to ten ounces, hit the heavy bag. The main punch thrown should be the jab. The punches should be thrown as hard as possible and as fast as possible. It is as always important to use good form. This boxing drill should be completed three times using three-minute rounds. Once completed, do the drill one more time without gloves.
  4. Dumbbell shadow boxing. Use a five-pound dumbbell in each hand. Maintain the correct stance and posture. Use correct form and throw as many punches as possible in three-minutes. Repeat this drill three times. Upon completion of the drill, do it once more without the dumbbells.
  5. Speed bag 100s. With hands wrapped (no gloves on) begin hitting the speed bag. Alternate your hands left to right and so forth, counting the right hand only until you reach 100. Repeat this drill four times. If the bag is missed, start back over at one and continue until 100 punches are thrown with no mistakes.
  6. Speed bag pyramid. The object of this boxing drill is to start with one strike of the speed bag with each hand, building up to ten strikes per hand. So, begin left, right; left left, right right; left left left, right right right until you reach ten strikes of the speed bag in succession for each hand.
  7. The reverse pyramid. This drill should be done immediately following the speed bag pyramid. Start at ten strikes per hand and count backwards until you reach one. If you mess up, you must start back at ten.
  8. Speed rope. This is a simple jump rope boxing drill. Use a plastic segment athletic jump rope. Complete 200 regular double-footed jumps (both feet off the ground at once when jumping) in succession as fast as possible. If a mistake is made or you stop, start back at one until 100 are completed without a mistake.
  9. Criss-cross speed jumps. Using the jump rope, begin jumping regularly. Establish a good pattern, then begin doing  criss-cross jumps. This is accomplished by crossing the arms at the elbows on the down swing (creating a loop to jump through) then uncrossing on the next down swing. Do 100 jumps in succession with no mistakes. If a mistake is made, start back at one.
  10. One-two jumps. Jump as fast as possible, alternating feet in a one-two pattern. Left, right, left, right. Maintain a good rhythm and go as fast as possible to 200 counting only the right foot. If a mistake is made, start back over at one until 200 are completed in succession.

Speed drills are a fantastic training tool for boxing. These ten boxing drills are a great way to increase your speed, workout intensity and overall skills as a boxer.

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