10 Boxing Tips For South Paws

These ten boxing tips for south paws can help you in the ring and as you train. South paws often have a unique advantage in the element of surprise, as orthodox boxers are more common. Take the following ten boxing tips into account if you are a south paw.

  1. Be aggressive. If your opponent is uncomfortable boxing a south paw, you should take the initiative early.
  2. Mix it up in the ring. For both stances in the ring, it is important to mix it up. For south paws, your opponent will be intent on "figuring you out," perhaps more so. Thus, don't help your opponent out with this.
  3. Learn orthodox stance. In the ring, switching between the south paws and the orthodox stances can be a useful advantage if used appropriately and properly.
  4. Train orthodox stance. Training the "other way" can help you develop speed and power in your strong and weak hands, respectively.
  5. Change the pace of the fight. Surprise your opponent or give yourself time to breathe in the ring. You want to mix up all aspects of the fight in order to maintain the upper hand in terms of predictability with your south paws stance.
  6. Work on the jab. A quick right jab is the key to a great south paw fighter.
  7. Develop power for your lead hand. Most fighters are not used to the south paw fighter. A powerful punch from the lead hand coming from an unusual place can be very advantageous.
  8. Work on quickness in the gym and the ring. South paws are considered elusive by those who are not familiar with fighting south paws. Compound your advantages with real quickness.
  9. Learn how to move in the ring. Take advantage of angles given by your opponent. Combined with unorthodox mechanics, you can give yourself the upper hand without punching, with movement and an unfamiliar opponent.
  10. Keep your head level. Being a south paw may be an advantage for many unprepared opponents; however, don't let it undermine your effort or work ethic.
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