10 Breakup Movies For Men

These 10 breakup movies for men are the best antidote for any breakup blues. You can go for blood and guts movies for a therapeutic, socially and legally acceptable alternative to revenge. Please keep in mind that the actions portrayed in the movie are fantasy and performed by stunt professionals. Any attempt to recreate the stunts may get you arrested or injured. That said, let’s get to the list.

  1. "Strip Tease" – A must see for guys getting back into the dating game. The acting is lame, but the eye candy is great.
  2. "American Pie Presents The Naked Mile" – Very funny, an excellent choice for the new single you.
  3. "Jackass 3-D" – What could possibly be better than watching a “Jackass” do stupider stuff than you?
  4. "Buried" – If you have any issues about being confined in dark spaces, this show will definitely get your mind off of, what was her name again?
  5. "Candyman" – Talk about your classics. She is stupid, he’s in love, and hell breaks loose. He gets even, the gets ahead. What a perfect ending.
  6. "The Shining" – An obvious choice any list of breakup movies for men. It is still an excellent show. Can’t you just picture it now: “Open the door, honey” the look on your ex’s face would be priceless.
  7. "Shutter Island" – This one has so many twists and turns that you won’t be able to remember your own name.
  8. "My Super Ex-girlfriend" – Don’t piss off a woman who can carry a shark. But then again maybe you shouldn't date one either.
  9. "Wolfman" – An excellent movie, but with Anthony Hopkins how could it not be. Can’t you just picture it, take her to dinner, have a little fun, and then you get a midnight snack. A no-brainer for the breakup movie list.
  10. "Inception" – A very cool fast action sci-fi heist with a bit of “Dreamscape” thrown in.
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