10 Breast Massage Tips

Let’s look at 10 breast massage tips for seducing or arousing your woman. Men, we all know that women’s breasts are among the most beautiful things on the planet. Funny thing is, women don’t always understand what’s so alluring about women’s breasts! But, most of them do get off on some form of breast massage. And breast massage doesn’t have to mean you putting on a health spa clinic like some guy named Sven. Breast massage can mean…oh, so much more than just that. Women’s breasts were designed by the Creator of All not just to seduce us, but to let women be aroused and even receive health enhancement through the various forms of breast massage.

Without further ado, let’s look at those fascinating breast massage tips.

  1. Know her particular body. Women are individuals. What your past girlfriend liked in breast massage technique may not be what your current one likes. If you’re just getting around to breast massage with her, stroke her breasts and grip them gently at first. If she shows arousal from that, you can then try pinching the nipples or harder kneading. But always listen to her and respond to her body signals. Some women never like pinching or hard kneading. Let yourself find out before you make a wrong assumption. 
  2. Always start slowly. Women love a man with a slow hand. Once you’ve got her moaning and groaning you can knead and twist with more rapid motions. That is, if you know she likes that.
  3. Always start gently. This is in line with the above tip. A woman’s breasts, no matter how firm, are still highly sensitive fatty tissues. Once she’s into your seductive breast massage, you can increase the pressure and get more kinky-rough. That is, if you know she likes that.
  4. Get her non-piercing nipple clamps. Now, this is one of those off-shoots of breast massage. Her wearing those nipple clamps for hours can have her more aroused when you first start groping and fondling, as she is more ready to be touched. This can definitely enhance animal pleasure and excitement for both of you.
  5. Breast massage her with your tongue. This can of course involve sucking, but make it also about licking in different directions and patterns. Try putting some spittle on her nipple and then blowing on it. This can drive her insane with…uh, greater need.
  6. Use oils or creams. Massage these right into her breasts. Take your sweet time and be gentle. This is great right after she emerges naked from a shower.
  7. Massage her breasts with your penis. You might assume this is more pleasurable for you. But think about that friction…
  8. Massage your own cum into her breasts. There really and truly are women who will ask for this. (You should know if yours is one of them first.) Cum on her breasts, then massage it in.
  9. Give her a breast massage for more reasons than just immediate sex. Allow yourself to just gently give her a breast massage for fifteen minutes (each breast) at a time to help them get bigger and be (seriously) healthier. Watch a movie or a TV show together and massage her lovely lady curves for her health…and your delight.
  10. Focus on her. Alright, it’s both absurd and dishonest to claim that there’s nothing in this act for you. But, really focus on pleasuring and comforting your woman. You’ll get what your deserve if you make breast massage all about her first.

Much to women’s confusion, amusement, and arousal, few things are more fascinating to us men than their breasts. When you give them lots of loving attention, they are known to grow and become healthier…not just the breasts, but the women, too.

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