10 Business Ideas For Young Entrepreneurs

These 10 business ideas for young entrepreneurs are the starting point to determine what type of business is the best fit for you. Today, young entrepreneurs run some of the most successful technology and social network companies, such as Facebook and Google. Being a young entrepreneur is definitely a good starting point to establishing a long-term business.

  1. Build a senior errand business. Most communities have senior citizens that would love to have someone take care of their errands. Errands that you may handle include grocery shopping, buying purchase stamps. Other seniors may need someone to mow their lawn and trim their shrubbery. As well, as perform minor repairs around the home such as changing a light bulb.   
  2. Start a babysitting business. Babysitting is another good idea for a young entrepreneur to start. Depending on your geographic location, and the hours you baby sit, you can make above minimum wage.
  3. Consider a lawn care business. A lawn care business is a good idea for a young entrepreneur because not every homeowner enjoys yard work. Mow lawns in you neighbors during the summer using your parent’s lawn equipment and clear snow in the winter.  Consider trimming hedges, planting and cleaning out flowerbeds or any other type of yard work you can think of.  Make some flyers and distribute in your neighborhood so you can obtain new customers, and always be on time for your jobs.
  4. Use technology to your advantage. Today, more and more businesses are using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Find information about social media business opportunities. Obtaining this information is easy, do a search on any search engine. Then, decide whether you want to limit your business to Facebook or Twitter. Contact businesses and let them know that you are available to offer consultant work. Concentrate on small businesses because they may not know how to use social network site, or they maybe to busy to set up and manage a Facebook page.
  5. Consider candle making. Candle making is an idea for a young entrepreneur to start a business because the start up is roughly $100 to $200.  Decide whether you want to use beeswax or paraffin to make your candles. Think about where you will sell your candles. Most candle makers sell on EBay, at craft fairs as well as direct sales to local businesses. If you are the creative type, create unique designs most people will buy your products if they are unique.
  6. Consider jewelry making as an entrepreneurial business. If you are creative, consider making jewelry. Take a class or two at your local craft store. Most craft stores offer classes for $20 to $50 per a session. Making jewelry is a cheap idea for a young entrepreneur to start a business because the training involve is simple. After you acquire the skills you need, practice your skills.
  7. Start a blogging business. Blogging is a good business idea for a young entrepreneur who enjoys writing. Blog site are easy to start, and they are free to set up. Find out about affiliate programs that pay when someone click on your blog page and purchase from the advertiser.
  8. Become a pet sitter. If you like animals, pet sitting is a cool business idea for a young entrepreneur. Do this by caring for your neighbors pet while they are away from home. Also, consider jobs such as walking and feeding the dogs and cats. Charge a minimal fee for your pet sitting service such as $5 or $10 per session.
  9. Teach your kids to make one of their favorite cookies.  Let them create unique cookie shapes. Buy some cellophane bags and ribbons, and add the cookies to the bags and sell the cookies at school or church functions.
  10. Start a car washing business. People are always looking for someone to hand wash their cars.  Make some flyers and distribute in your neighborhood that you are available to wash cars. Charge anywhere from $10 to $15.

The amount of business ideas for a young entrepreneur is endless. Therefore, take the time and consider the best option for you.

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