10 Bustiest Actresses of Hollywood

Looking for the 10 bustiest actresses of Hollywood? Men and women usually have different tastes in what turns them on the most. There are people who enjoy a good pair of legs but for those who wish to go a big higher, we present you the 10 bustiest actresses of Hollywood. These eye poppingly beautiful ladies know how to fill out a cocktail dress or a ball gown to perfection.

  1. Pamela Anderson — In her heydays, Pamela Anderson scored television and movie roles like they were going out of style. We don't like having to be the ones to break it to the former "Baywatch" and "Barbwire" star, but it wasn't because she was such a good actress.
  2. Jennifer Tilley — Jennifer Tilly is known best for two things: her extremely unique voice and her chest. Considering how many times she has either bared her assets completely or shown up in extremely complimentary outfits, this is not lost on her.
  3. Christina Hendricks — If you haven't seen this woman in a movie or television show, then you have been living under a rock. If you haven't seen what she's got uptop, then you are blind as a bat.
  4. Scarlett Johansson — While the woman has got some serious talent "up there," she also has some serious acting chops. People forget the movie that really put her on the map was "Ghost World" in which she plays a bookish teen who is decidedly not going for the sex kitten look.
  5. Jennifer Love Hewitt — Having first introduced the movie going world to her assets a decade ago in movies like "I Know What You Did Last Summer," the "Ghost Whisperer" still has a lot going on upstairs.
  6. Bryce Dallas Howard — We used to get Christina Hendricks and Bryce Dallas Howard mixed up. It wasn't just because they look alike in the face.
  7. Salma Hayek — This latina goddess is rumored to be the bustiest actress in Hollywood, boasting 36C cups.
  8. Halle Berry — If you haven't seen her fine artistic turn in "Swordfish," you really should. Hugh Jackman still thanks his agent every day for getting him a role in that film.
  9. Angelina Jolie — Known more for her raw sex appeal than the size of any one part of the body (other than her lips), Jolie is packing some serious sweater cannons.
  10. Mae West — We didn't say everyone on the list had to be the bustiest actresses of Hollywood today did we? Mae West is one of Hollywood's original sex symbols, and what she was carrying up top certainly played a part in that.
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