10 Cage Fighting Training Tips

These 10 cage fighting training tips can assist you in stepping up your game in the ring. The style of cage fighting performed in MMA requires a combination of skills. Training is multifaceted and includes a variety of elements. Never attempt to train for cage fighting without consulting with a physician and a professional trainer.

  1. Diet The first of the cage fighting training tips is a balanced diet. Stay hydrated and eat healthy fats. Balance the amount of carbohydrates you eat with protein.  Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables to get the needed vitamins and minerals for training. Stick to lean meats, eating red meat only occasionally.
  2. Balance beam Using the gymnastic apparatus known as the balance beam is a cage fighting training tip to increase balance. Simple walking forward and backward on the beam is helpful. Standing on one foot, then the other will increase balance faster.
  3. Ballet. Cage fighting training tips are often off the beaten path of sports. The art of ballet increases balance and improves the fluidity of movement in the athlete.
  4. Running Some cage fighting training tips are simple. Daily sprint running builds lean muscle mass and increases endurance. Long distance running also improves endurance.
  5. Light weights A list of cage fighting training tips would not be complete without mentioning the use of light weights. Doing a high number of repetitions with light weights builds lean muscle mass and endurance. Arms and legs should be worked equally.
  6. Yoga Cage fighting training tips should include a type of muscle elongation process. Yoga stretches and elongates muscles, making them limber and less likely to be injured.
  7. Shadow boxing Practicing throwing punches is a big one on the list of cage fighting training tips. Shadow boxing allows the fighter to work on their fighting form and exercises the muscles for throwing powerful punches.
  8. Swimming Cage fighting training tips often take you out of the gym. Going for a swim in a local pool, pond or ocean strengthens the arms and increases breathing capacity.
  9. Breathing A larger breathing capacity assists in endurance. Another cage fighting training tip is to do deep breathing exercises to expand the lungs and increase oxygen levels in the blood.
  10. Down time Cage fighting training tips include down time. Over-training just prior to a fight can cause muscle fatigue. Take a two week break after every four weeks of training.
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