10 Cake Ideas For Bachelor Party

The list below describes 10 fun cake ideas for a bachelor party. The bachelor party is a symbolic ritual celebrating the grooms last night of being a single man, his last night of freedom to from marital responsibilities. Cake ideas should be fun and reflect the bachelor’s personality and taste. Some cake ideas are inexpensive and can easily be decorated at home.

  1. Bulls Eye Target. Make a round cake decorated with a red and white bulls eye target with the fiances' name written in center. Place a dart in the fiances' name then write ex’s girlfriend’s names around the outer rings of the bull’s eye.
  2. Prisoner Ball & Chain. Make a rectangular cake with Black and white stripes. Make a smaller round cake frosted with black frosting. Use plastic chain, place chain between the two cakes. Write the bachelors and the fiancés name on the cake.
  3. Fiancé's Torso. Make a rectangular sheet cake. Make a life size print picture of the fiancé's head and shoulders to breast line. Place the picture behind the back edge of the cake. Decorate the cake, using icing, to resemble a breasts either naked or with a bra.
  4. Showgirl Cupcakes. Make regular cupcakes in different flavors. Use pink or skin tone icing to ice cupcakes. Buy paper tassels and place in the center of each cupcake.
  5. Custom Photo. Use a specialty bakery that can do photo cakes. Get a photo of the bachelor’s favorite playboy pin up model and have them print it on a female shaped cake.
  6. Sports Fan. Make mini cakes (molds can be bought at craft stores) shaped like footballs, soccer or other sport. Decorate to match the type of ball. Guests can each have their own mini cake. You can write names and wedding dates on the balls as well.
  7. High Heels. Enlist the services of a specialty bakery. Have them create a side view of a woman’s legs in fishnet stockings and high heels. This could also be made by decorating a rectangular cake with icing in the outline of legs etc.
  8. Bride and Groom. Enlist the services of a specialty bakery. Have them create two cakes in the shape of the brides and grooms head in a side view silhouette. Place decorated cakes together at the lips as if kissing.
  9. Bachelors Favorite Cake. Make the bachelors favorite cake either in a sheet cake or in cupcakes. This is a simple but classy cake idea.
  10. Hotel California Cake Idea. Make a rectangular cake and shape it to look like a motel sign. With icing write the words "Hotel California" in script across the top. Write the word "Vacancy" in icing at the bottom. You can also place a string of battery operated LCD lights around the word "Vacancy" and have them flash.

As you can see there are many, many creative ideas for bachelor party cakes. These ideas can work for all types of bachelor party budgets. Have fun creating a very memorable cake for your favorite bachelor.

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