10 Camping First Aid Tips

Here are 10 camping first aid tips. First aid kits are a must have on camping trips, as something that calls for first aid will almost always happen to somebody. Even if nothing happens, you have it just in case.


  1. Bring One First off, bring a first aid kit. Many people figure that since they will only be spending a night or two out or that they are so experienced nothing will happen. Something will happen so bring the first aid kit, and then, if something by some horrible miracle of nature does happen, you’ve got the first aid kit.
  2. Good First Aid Kit Make sure it’s a good first aid kit. Some people think any first aid kit will do, but some first aid kits are no better then a box of band-aids. Make sure you get one that doesn’t just have band-aids and a pouch of Tylenol. Find on that has a variety of bandages, medicine, alcohol pads, and if you are going somewhere with poisonous snakes, a vaccination kit, at the least.
  3. Know How Know how to use your first aid kit. Don’t buy one that has a bunch of bandages you don’t know how to use, because using some bandages the wrong way can actually cause more damage then it fixes.
  4. Tourniquet Don’t buy a tourniquet unless you know how and when to use it. A tourniquet can cost you a limb if you use it the wrong way. Many first aid classes will teach you how and when to use tourniquets but they are a last ditch effort.
  5. Stock Keep your first aid kit stocked. If you use something replace it as soon as possible. Make sure any medicine or perishable items are within the expiration date.
  6. Overstock Don’t overstock your first aid kit. If you think you need more, buy a bigger kit. Trying to stuff more items in a case that wasn’t made for that many will only cause problems.
  7. Complicated Don’t over complicate your first aid kit. Don’t put items in that are so complicated they’ll be more trouble then help. Keep the kit simple and it will be fine.
  8. Update Make sure you keep your kit updated. Don’t let anything pass the expiration date, especially medicine. Just check your kit before you head out each time, they are easy to restock as many stores carry the items in first aid kits.
  9. Travel Size There are travel size first aid kits that you can carry around if you don’t want to carry a full kit. Make sure the kit you carry is made for the activity during which you are carrying it. Don’t carry a kit full of vaccinations if you’re not going anywhere with poisonous animals.
  10.  Carrier You don’t always have to use the carrier the kit first comes in. Buy a better one or one that is easier to carry if the original isn’t. You can buy specialized carriers or a small bag with multiple pockets and dividers to keep everything in its rightful place.  
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