10 Cancun Spring Break Tips

Cancun is the coveted spring break destination for college students across the country, and with these 10 Cancun spring break tips, you'll be able to maximize the fun and minimize the risk. Cancun seems like the perfect place to relax, let go of stress and get a little crazy. Before you can have fun partying and soaking up the sun, you need to first take into account some basic tips to make your spring break in Cancun the best it can possibly be.

  1. Book your travel with a group for greater savings and more opportunities for discounts. Try to plan the spring break trip at least six months in advance. Cancun, of course, is the premiere spring break travel destination, and you want to get the best deal while finding the best hotels as well.
  2. Make a copy of your travel plans, reservations and entire itinerary. Leave it with a close friend or family member at home. However, when you are traveling and meet new people, be sure that you don't reveal the plans for your entire trip. You never know who may be listening and planning not-so-nice things.
  3. Once you arrive in Cancun, never leave your resort by yourself. Always travel with a companion. This is advice when in any foreign country.
  4. Use a money belt for storing your passport and money within as you travel. You don't want to carry a purse that can snatched or for it to be anywhere visible on your body that you have lots of cash with you.
  5. See the ruins of Cancun. Although it's easy to just see the beaches and lay out, Cancun is a remarkable place with a rich, vivid history. Be sure to take it all in.
  6. Even when leaving in groups, make sure that another person at the resort knows where you are going and how long you plan on leaving. Make sure to have him look for a call or visit from you by a certain time. If he does not with an hour of then, there needs to be an alert for help. This may sound extreme, but it's important for safety in all destination vacations.
  7. If you must drink (and many spring breakers do have this in mind), drink in moderation. The relatively inexpensive drinking cards in Cancun are hot ticket items, but you never want to get so drunk that you lose your senses and do something you'll regret.
  8. Avoid using any illegal substances. That's good advice for all times. Yet, when traveling in a foreign country, this is especially important. The crackdown on drugs is real, and you don't want to be caught in a prison, especially one that's not in your own country.
  9. Never accept a drink from anyone you don't know. If someone you know brings you a drink, verify where they got it (to make sure it wasn't given to them by others). Robberies, rapes and other things can occur from slipping things into drinks at night clubs, and you want to play it safe. Get your drinks directly from the bar, where you can watch them be made.
  10. Be careful when leaving for home. There are some 3 miles per hour speed limits for returning rental cars, and the police won't hesitate to stop you if you go over that limit. Always ask for police identification. Be extremely careful to follow all laws and traffic rules.
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