10 Car Gadgets For Men

These 10 car gadgets for men would make a great gift for any guy. No matter what the occasion, every guy would enjoy having any one of these 10 car gadgets for men to call his own.

  1. SafeDriver wireless vehicle monitor. The SafeDriver wireless vehicle monitor is one of the most useful of these 10 car gadgets for men if a guy is loaning his car to a friend or teaching his kids to drive. It sends data back home about the highest speeds reached, how far the vehicle was driven and how many times somebody slammed on the brakes.
  2. CarChip Pro engine performance monitor. The CarChip Pro engine performance monitor is another useful entry in the list of 10 car gadgets for men. If you have ever wondered what kind of gas mileage you are getting, engine performance specs or anything else, the CarChip Pro engine performance monitor provides graphs and charts explaining it all.
  3. Closed-hood car jump starter. One of the most annoying things for a guy is having his battery die and needing a jump. The process involves hooking cables right to the battery, which can be dangerous if done incorrectly. This product solves that problem by making jump-starting a car as easy as plugging into the cigarette lighter outlets. It is an effective way of jump starting a car without any safety risks, and is definitely one of the 10 car gadgets for men that everyone can appreciate.
  4. Bodyguard self-powered emergency tool. Any guy who takes his car off-roading or camping will appreciate this car gadget. This device has a compass, alarm, battery charger, hand crank for power, flashlight and radio built in, so you are ready for any situation that might arise.
  5. Keyless ignition system. Keyless ignition systems are the most likely of these 10 car gadgets for men to make a guy feel like James Bond. These systems can be installed in vehicles so a guy can not only unlock his doors with a push of a button, but he can actually start his car and get the heat going. The rocket launcher subsystem will be included in the next list.
  6. An iPod interface. Face it, the radio sucks. That's why one of the 10 car gadgets for men is an iPod interface. These allow a guy to plug his iPod or iPhone into his car and charge it, while hearing his music at the same time. This gadget is a must-have for any guy going on a road trip.
  7. AiDA. AiDA is quite possibly the most technologically advanced of these 10 car gadgets for men. AiDA is currently in development, but when finished will be able to warn a guy about heavy traffic, suggest alternate routes, suggest places to refuel when a guy is low on gas and even smile when a guy has an angry driving face. This is the gadget of the future.
  8. Fake car stereo. A lot of guys spend thousands of dollars installing great sound systems into their cars. The only problem with that is a lot of thieves see those expensive sound systems and steal the stereo right out of the car. This gadget is a faceplate that can be placed over a fancy stereo and make it look like it is only a cassette player. Nobody is desperate enough to want to steal a cassette player.
  9. Gear4 dual charger. The Gear4 dual charger turns a cigarette lighter into two USB ports. This allows a multitude of devices to be charged on the go, including the all important iPhones and iPods. It turns the rarely-used cigarette lighter into one of the handiest devices a guy can have in his car.
  10. TruScene camera. The TruScene camera is a perfect car gadget for when a car is parked in a public area. It records what happens around the car, so when somebody hits the car in the grocery store parking lot, evidence is obtained and insurance can be claimed.
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