10 Career Change Ideas At 30

Maybe you got tired of working at the same job, try these 10 career change ideas at 30. Even though the economy is still somewhat unstable, the job market is slowly picking up.

  1. Waiter/Host. It is not a lot of money, but being a waiter does allow you to make a lot in tips, which is why it is one of the career change ideas at 30. Unfortunately for the host, they don't get as many tips, but it is a way to greet the people that just got in the restaurant and to accommodate the customers.
  2. Nursing. You will need to take some courses depending on what kind of a nurse you want to be. The locations can range from working in a nursing home to a hospital. Nurses do make good money and their schedule is very flexible compared to most jobs.
  3. Writing. There are different types of writing jobs which ranges from writing articles and blogs, journalism, and business writing. It is rated as one of the best career change ideas at 30. Getting a college certification such as an associate or bachelor's degree in journalism, communications, or English would help, although it's not necessary for some of the writing jobs.
  4. Translators and Interpreters. If you are fluent with another language along with English, you do not know how valuable you are. Not everyone knows how to speak more than one language. You could do a lot of good using this skill to help people who do not know how to speak English.
  5. Sales and Marketing Reps. If it weren't for sales and marketing reps, no business would be around today because of them. If you are an expert at knowing how to work sales and marketing the way you wanted it to, you have a gift. You can also combine this with one or two other jobs on this list in order to be "unstoppable" with your career change at 30.
  6. Financial Planner. People still need some financial help, even during these economic times, which is slowly picking back up. 
  7. Teacher/Tutor. There seem to be shortages of teachers because not enough people are needed. If a regular teacher gets sick, a substitute teacher will take over for a short while. If you love to teach, being a tutor is another opportunity to make more money by tutoring adults and/or children.
  8. Social Media Expert. Thanks to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, some people are still computer illiterate on how to work the social media sites to their advantage. It is one of the best career changes at 30 because you can offer this service by offering to create and update their account.
  9. Event Planner. They get to decide how to throw a party for their friends and people they know. The difference is they get paid for it. You have to gather all of the information of what your client wants such as either getting a DJ or a singer at a wedding or to throw a birthday party for an employee at a big company. It is one of the best career change ideas at 30. You get paid to crash parties.
  10. Computer Technician. More people are using a computer, laptop, or a notebook to get on the Internet. If you know how to fix any of these three, you might consider taking this career route. 
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