10 Career Options For Teachers

If you are wondering if there are any career options for teachers, you will be pleased to know that there are at least 10 career options for teachers. In spite of the belief that educators can only function in a classroom, teaching skills are transferable to other fields. These fields require minimal or no retraining whatsoever.

  1. Consider becoming a professional organizer. A teacher normally has good time management skills, and strong organizational skills to deal with children day in and day out. Since this is part of their daily routine, they can transfer this skill to an organizer business with ease.
  2. Think about opening a staging business. With heavy competition in the real estate market, home sellers are looking for that extra edge to make sure their property stands out amongst the crowd. Start a staging business that makes the homeowners home more attractive so they can sell their home quickly. This is a viable option for teachers with minimal startup cost.
  3. Research the market and do a self-assessment of your skills. Think of how you can use your teaching skills to start a small business. Before, you start the business; seek business advice from experience entrepreneurs such as Score. Score is a group of former business owners who now assists entrepreneurs with counseling.
  4. Start a finance business. If you are finance or business teacher, and are looking for career options for teaching, consider opening a brokerage firm or start a financial service company.
  5. Become a writer. Writing is good career option for teacher especially English teachers, who already have some knowledge in writing. You can write books based on your teaching experience or any other topic you like. Look for publishers online using your favorite search engine input publishing house, and contact some of the populated publishers.
  6. Choose a career counseling position. A career counselor assists students in choosing a career, finding colleges and provides info on demanding careers. You can tell your students how your career started and the advantages and disadvantages you experience.
  7. Transfer your hobby into a career. Do you have a hobby that you are passionate about? Think how you can transfer that hobby into career options. Maybe you like to play the piano, why not become music teacher. If you do not have a piano, buy one and make some flyers up to get the business going.
  8. Research the possibility of becoming an online tutor. Many companies often need teachers for tutoring. You can do this at home, with minimal cost to you.  To find these types of jobs look at legitimate websites, and select a couple tutoring company.
  9. Investigate becoming a curriculum specialist. A curriculum specialist train other teachers, reviews existing programs to see how suitable they are for the classroom whether they are successful or require changing. This is a good career option since a teacher already teaches. The only difference is teaching adults versus children.
  10. Consider becoming a translator. If you are a foreign language teacher, you might be able to transition to a translator position. You can translate documents as well as audio files. This is an easy career option for a foreign language teacher. You might be able to do this at home.

In spite of all the false statements that teachers have no career options outside of the classroom, you can prove them wrong by following the tips outlined in this article.

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