10 Casual Fashion Tips for Men

If your idea of a casual look is sweat pants and a t-shirt, you're in dire need of the top 10 casual fashion tips for men. While casual fashion is meant to be comfortable, there's no need to sacrifice style. If you want to learn how to dress casually but maintain a presentable image, read through the advice below.

  1. Pick the right jeans. Jeans are a staple for any casual wardrobe. Though ripped jeans, tight skinny jeans or super baggy jeans may be the trend of the moment, these are styles best left with teens or chain smoking bad-boy actors. Be sure to at least have one pair of high quality jeans that can be dressed up or dressed down.
  2. Not all khakis are the same. Khakis work well in a casual office setting, on the golf course and can be dressed up with a nice shirt and blazer. When buying khakis, go for a classic fit. Just because the color is "khaki" or tan, doesn't mean they're khaki pants. Avoid wearing carpenter pants (with loops for hammers) or baggy cargo pants (the ones with all the pockets) for casual fashion, unless of course, you're planning on remodeling something. 
  3. Corduroy pants add texture and style. Corduroy pants are a great piece to have for a fall or winter casual fashion for men. These are available in a variety of rich colors and work well with knit shirts and sweaters.
  4. Have a sports jacket. All men should have a sports jacket as a part of a casual wardrobe. These come in solids, tweeds and patterns and can be worn with a knit shirt or a button-down shirt.  When shopping for sports jackets, be sure to consider the fabrics. A medium weight sports jacket can be worn year round but you'll likely want to avoid wearing a heavy wool sports jacket in the summer.
  5. Invest in a good leather jacket. Leather jackets are a way to add some serious style to any man's casual wardrobe. Though you should let your personal style preferences lead the way when choosing a leather jacket, opt for leather car coats or open bottom jackets. Motorcycle jackets with excessive zippers or bomber jackets with knit trim can look dated. 
  6. Button downs are a must. These are another must for a casual, but classy wardrobe. Opt for button-downs in solid colors or in simple prints like stripes. This way, the shirts will work well with a variety of blazers, sports jackets and ties, if the situation calls for it.
  7. Simple long sleeve knit shirts. These can be worn with jeans, khakis and other casual pants. Avoid knit shirts that have bold prints and opt for prints that are subtle like stripes or patterns in muted tones. Be sure to have at least one or two turtlenecks that you can wear alone or with a sports jacket, blazer. 
  8. Have a few short-sleeve knits. These can include crew necks, polo shirts and t-shirts. It's wise to have a few of these in different colors and patterns. Solid colors are versatile, especially solid black knit shirts or even a solid white knit shirt. Short-sleeve knit shirts with a collar are flattering and give a pulled-together look. These can be worn on alone on a warm spring or summer day and can also be paired with a jacket or  sweater.
  9. Wear the right casual shoes. Every man should have at least one pair of stylish casual shoes. These can include loafers or oxfords. When investing in mens casual fashion shoes, take your other articles of clothing into consideration and determine if you need brown, tan or black shoes. Both brown or black casual shoes can be worn with jeans while khakis go best with brown or tan shoes. Avoid wearing sneakers, boots or sandals. 
  10. Match your belt with your outfit.  Avoid dressy-looking belts in glossy black or belts that have distracting buckles. Men's casual fashion pants work best with matte leather belts in brown or black and even navy, tan or brown woven belts, depending on the pants.



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