10 Celebrities Caught Nude

Want to know about 10 celebrities caught nude? Celebrity Nude Scandals happen more often than not. With cameras constantly following them, the chances of a "nip slip" become increasingly predominant. However, in the privacy of their own homes, they are eager to photograph/ film themselves–a dangerous task in this age of information and technology.  Here are 10 Celebrities Caught Nude, some with more than just their panties in a bunch.

  1. Paris Hilton's sex tape. In 2004, Paris Hilton was mortified when a sex tape of her was released without her approval. The scandal was swept about the globe and Hilton's random celebrity became justifiable – a wealthy hotel heiress with a SEX TAPE! Nowadays, its common for z-list celebrities to be "ashamed" of a sex tape in order for them to launch their careers. But poor Paris had to be the first!
  2. Janet Jackson's "Nipplegate". It isn't often that a nude celebrity can change sports broadcasting forever. However, in 2004 Janet Jackson accompanied by Just Timberlake performed in front of the entire world, live, and a "wardrobe malfunction" shook the globe forever. During the half time show, the two performers were creating quite a spectacle of themselves dancing promiscuously and suggestively. No one expected to actually see Janet Jackson's nipple, at least, not on live television. As Mr. Timberlake sang the lyrics "I'm gonna have you naked by the end of this song" he ripped off the top right breast shield of Janet Jackson's costume. Coincidence? No one knows for sure. Nipplegate will always be remembered as the day that shook the super bowl.
  3. Vanessa Hudgens Nude "Sext" Pics. Its always fun to watch an alleged good girl being naughty. Especially when that alleged good girl is a Disney super star sending nude pictures to her boyfriend who is also a Disney super star. Sure enough, Vanessa Hudgens sent her boyfriend naughty nude pics of herself via cell phone. What's a celebrity girl to do? Not send nude pics to her boyfriend? Ridiculous.
  4. Brittany Spears Flash. It happened on a clear and rather warm night in 2006. Brittany Spears, ever-so-gracefully, exited her very low sports vehicle while the paparazzi eagerly awaited to get a photo of the pop star. However, little did they know her little secret – no panties!
  5. Kristin Davis Sex Tape. Kristin Davis is known for playing uptight Charlotte York in "Sex In The City." Evidently Davis isn't as uptight as her beloved character. Bringing sex onto everyone's computer screen, made for quite the scandal in 2008.
  6. Tara Reid Nip Slip. Poor, poor Tara Reid. As a recovering addict, there is no telling what Reid was under the influence during the night of her red carpet nightmare. Not only was it scandalous to see her exposed breast, on a red carpet, in a Christian Dior satin gown, but everyone learned the cautious tale of never getting a botched boob job.
  7. Kim Kardashian Sex Tape. No one knows for sure wether Kim Kardashian and Ray Jay were trying to simultaneously launch their rather lack-luster careers. But when the Kim Kardashian sex tape was released, their stardom became that of faux legend. Ray Jay and Kim are now stars of their own reality television shows! Good for them.
  8. Leighton Meester. The Gossip Girl star found herself in the middle of quite the web of gossip when a sex tape of her and her then-boyfriend began floating around the Internet.
  9. Ke$ha Tick-Tock Nude Shot. A rather awkward picture of Ke$ha came into existence, much to the regret of many who saw it. It involves nothing fantastic and was taken, one can assume, after all the fun was had.
  10. Pamela Anderson Sex Tape. A classic. What else would be expected from sexy siren Pamela Anderson and rock-god Tommy Lee? This long, adventurous video captures a rocky boat ride and some rather interesting boat driving techniques.
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