10 Celebrities That Have Cheated On Their Wives

Male celebrities that have had extra-marital affairs are now being featured in the '10 Celebrities That Have Cheated On Their Wives".  When a respected male celebrity cheats on his wife, it's the type of news that fans want to read.  Find out if your favorite celebrity has been unfaithful here.  The top 10 celebrities that have cheated on their wives likely includes a few scandalous stories you may have forgotten about.

10 celebrities that have cheated on their wives:

  1. Tiger Woods. Proving that you can have a smoking-hot wife, and still have a wandering eye, Tiger Woods cheated on his beautiful Swedish wife, Elin Nordegren, with many different women.  Claiming to suffer from a sexual addiction, Tiger and Elin stayed together when the scandal became public in an effort to work things out.
  2. Jesse James.  Bad boy Jesse James was also caught in a sex scandal himself.  While seemingly happily married to America's sweetheart,  Sandra Bullock, Jesse James was sneaking around with tattooed stripper Michellee McGeee.
  3. Hugh Grant.  Hugh Grant has the distinction of being one of the STUPIDEST cheaters on our list of 10 celebrities that have cheated on their wives.  While in a relationship with supermodel Elizabeth Hurley, Hugh Grant had a not-so-secret encounter with a prostitute.  His indiscretion was even immortalized by a police mug shot.
  4. Charlie Sheen.  Although married to one of the most beautiful women in the world, Denise Richards, Charlie Sheen allegedly cheated on her with his assistant.  Denise Richards claims to have caught the two red handed in a hotel room, but Sheen denies those allegations.
  5. Ethan Hawke.  Ethan Hawke not only cheated on his wife, Uma Thurman, with the family nanny, but he then married the woman! The two went on to have a child of their own. 
  6. Jude Law.  Back in 2005, Jude Law and Sienna Miller appeared to be a happy couple.  Then, he was caught having an affair with the family nanny.  The celebrity couple broke up but were spotted together here and there 5 years after the fact.  Is it possible that some men can get away with cheating?  It would appear so in this case.
  7. Sean Penn.  Sean Penn had a very public affair with actress Natalie Portman, right after he and wife Robin Wright separated.  The relationship was formed so quickly, it left many wondering if it had been going on during the marriage.  Robin Wright and Sean Penn eventually divorced.
  8. Jon Gosselin.  Suddenly famous for being the father of eight children, John Gosselin couldn't handle the spotlight.  He allegedly had several affairs while married to Kate Gosselin.  The couple soon broke up, as did their reality television show that made them both overnight stars.
  9. Bill Clinton.  Bill Clinton is one of the most powerful men in our list of 10 celebrities that have cheated on their wives.  When he had an affair with intern, Monica Lewkinsky, she became famous!  Now that's impressive.  His wife, Hilary Clinton, not only forgave him for his indiscretion, but the two remain married over ten years later.
  10. Josh Duhamel . Wrapping up our list of 10 celebrities that have cheated on their wives, is Josh Duhamel.  Although married to sexy singer Fergie, he reportedly had an affair with all-nude stripper, Nicole Forrester.  Forrester even took, and passed, a lie-detector test to prove that the affair actually took place.  Josh Duhamel denies the allegations.
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