10 Celebrities That Have Died From Smoking

These are the 10 celebrities that have died from smoking that are most notable. While this is not a complete list of all the celebrities that have died from smoking, these are the most famous of that large list.

  1. Walt Disney. This famous animator, producer and co-founder of the corporation known as The Walt Disney Company died at the age of 65 from lung cancer, making him one of the most famous celebrities to have died from smoking.
  2. Humphrey Bogart. This famous actor died at 57 years old from cancer of the esophagus after a 30-year career and appearing in 75 films.
  3. Frank Sinatra. At 82 years old, this famous singer and actor died of a heart attack while also suffering from bladder cancer.
  4. John Wayne. At 72 years old, John Wayne died of stomach cancer, making him one of the many celebrities that have died from smoking. At the time of his death, John Wayne was suffering from various other cancers as well. John Wayne once appeared in a Camel cigarette commercial.
  5. Nat "King" Cole. This famous singer was the first African-American to host a TV show and died from lung cancer at the age of 45.
  6. Johnny Carson. This famous talk show host died of emphysema at 79 years old. Johnny Carson was a comedian most famous for his 30-year career as the host of "The Tonight Show."
  7. Sigmund Freud. At the age of 83, this neurologist, who founded the psychoanalytic school of psychiatry, died from cancer of the jaw.
  8. T.S. Eliot. At 76 years old, this famous 20th century author and poet died of emphysema, making him yet another of the many celebrities that have died from smoking.
  9. John Butler. The general manager of the San Diego Chargers football team died at age 56 from lung cancer.
  10. Victor Crawford. This famous tobacco lobbyist became a tobacco control advocate and died at the age of 63 from lung cancer.

These are just ten out of the many celebrities that have died from smoking. Many of these people were famous for their smoking of multiple packs of cigarettes per day. There are other celebrities besides John Wayne who also appeared in various cigarette commercials and later died from one of the many diseases caused by their smoking.


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