10 Celebrities That Play Video Games

When your partner or friends have made you feel like a loser for being on the console or PC all night, remind them of these 10 celebrities that play video games. Some of the people that made our list are accomplished actors, comedians and musicians that your friends idolize. Remind them that you're just as cool as these celebrities.

  1. 50 Cent. He's a prolific rapper and a fan of video games. 50 Cent has been known to enjoy console games, so much so that he has created a brand of personalized console and handheld game skins. He's even created his own games, such as 2006's hit game, "50 Cent: Bulletproof." He admits that he's not very good at playing many games, but he plays them often.
  2. Antonio Gates. Not surprisingly, he loves "Madden" Football. Known as a tight end for the San Diego Chargers, he's a huge fan of video games. Gates' video games of choice include sports-oriented games, which he is known to play to blow off steam. 
  3. Jack Black. His roles have made him a hero of many men. He also loves his console gaming. Known for his roles in "Year One," "Saving Silverman" and "School of Rock," Jack Black is also part of the comedy duo Tenacious D. In his free time, he has stated that he likes to play Wii Sports, though we're not sure if bowling or tennis are top picks for him.
  4. David Arquette. Comedian and actor David Arquette is a fan of console games. Arquette recently expounded his love for "Snowboard Supercross" and the "Madden" Football franchise.
  5. Dave Chappelle. This versatile comedian and actor well known to geek brothers and sisters as someone that loves to play video games. Dave admitted to a group of people at a stand up show that he was playing a lot of "World of Warcraft." He also famously parodied "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" in his sketch comedy show, Chappelle's Show.
  6. Will Arnett. Comedian and co-star of Arrested Development Will Arnett is an unabashed consumer of games. Will admitted to playing "Call of Duty" and "Modern Warfare 2."
  7. Jodie Foster. The actress has accumulated several Academy Award nominations and two Oscars. Along with maintaining a prolific acting career, she's a fan of video games, however, and her family plays "Guitar Hero" on a regular basis. 
  8. Mila Kunis. While Mila is maybe best known as her voice of Meg on "Family Guy" and her stint on "That 70's Show," she also loves to game. She's a "World of Warcraft" fan, and has lent her voice for "Saints Row" and "Max Payne 3."
  9. Jenny McCarthy. From her early days as a host on MTV to her comedic television shows, Jenny is an unabashed fan of gaming. She admits to having been a fan of games from the early 80's, with "Pac Man," "Syphon Filter" and newer games like "Call of Duty" topping her game preferences.
  10. Angelina Jolie. Angelina not only plays video games, but uses them to keep her in shape. She's a fan of the Nintendo DS version of "Let's Pilates!" and tries to play it at least a few times per week.
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