10 Celebrities That Smoke

Ever wonder if there are at least 10 celebrities that smoke? Hollywood is full of busy schedules and stress, so it’s no shock to see celebrities smoke, but celebrities are seen more often than others puffing on a cigarette.

  1. Kate Moss According to World News, supermodel Kate Moss was given her own VIP smoking room at a London celebrity hotspot when she didn’t want to stand out in the rain to smoke. Word has it she's made the same demands for a designer smoking area for her bag launch for Longchamp.
  2. Jennifer Aniston The paparazzi loves to catch Jennifer taking a smoke break. The internet is crawling with pictures of her  smoking.
  3. Simon Cowell Simon Cowell spoke with Mr. Paparazzi on the London streets about his dislike for the UK smoking ban. He's also been captured on film saying smoking is good for your health. In his defense, he was being heckled by reporters when this happened.
  4. Lily Allen A UK survey filled out by teenagers gave Lily Allen the honor of being titled “Sexist Female Smoker.” There is speculation that Lily ignored a smoking ban in London and lit up on stage at one of her concerts.
  5. Sean Penn Sean claimed he quit smoking. However, France's new anti-smoking law had him reaching for a pack again. In retaliation, he lit up indoors at a press conference.
  6. Johnny Depp Johnny seems to always have a cigarette in his hands. The reason may be because he’s been a smoker since he was twelve.  
  7. Brad Pitt Speculation surrounds this proud smoker. Rumor is, Angelina Jolie made him quit for the children.
  8. Colin Farrell According to the Colin Farrell Fan Club, Colin has a preference for Camel Light cigarettes. Some pictures floating around on the web of Colin caption him a chain smoker.
  9. Kate Winslet Kate makes it no secret she likes to smoke, but after the birth of her two children she only allows herself two cigarettes a day and never around her children. She’s also known for rolling her own cigarettes.



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