10 Celebrities Who Smoke Cigarettes

Finding ten celebrities who smoke cigarettes isn't too hard. After all, many people smoke cigarettes. When these celebrities are revealed, you may or may not have expected their names to pop up on the list. Here are ten celebrities who have at one point openly smoked cigarettes.

  1. Harry Dean Stanton This celebrity is getting up there in years and probably shouldn’t be smoking at all. However, this star whose work dates back to the ‘50s can pretty much do what he wants.
  2. Lindsay Lohan Her inclusion on this list might not be surprising now, but there was a time when audiences thought Lindsay Lohan might be the next America’s sweetheart. Let’s hope she eventually gets back to the sweet innocence she portrayed in "The Parent Trap".
  3. Dave Navarro This bad boy probably doesn’t mind being caught red-handed. After all, that’s part of being a rock star guitar player for famous bands like Jane’s Addiction.
  4. Mickey Rourke Mickey Rourke continues to dazzle audiences with his antics and brilliantly played roles. But if he wants to stay on top, he should probably quit his smoking habit.
  5. Melanie Griffith It might be hard to imagine this delightfully bubbly and genuine celebrity with a cigarette in her hand. But this is one habit that doesn’t discriminate.
  6. Billy Bob Thornton You are probably not surprised by Thorton's inclusion. He has certainly made a name for himself by being a crazy-but-loveable outlaw that almost anyone can enjoy.
  7. Daisy Lowe Daisy Lowe doesn’t necessarily look like the bad girl type, but you can certainly imagine her with a wild side. If she wants to keep her model career going, however, she better lay off the cigarettes. After all, they cause wrinkles, among other things.
  8. Steve O Beloved star of the hit show Jackass and the “Jackass” movies, Steve O is by far the most endearing of the bunch. But he also enjoys the not so loveable habit of smoking cigarettes.
  9. Nichole Richie This young celebrity has taken some heat as she lost many pounds and inches over the years. One might wonder if smoking had anything to do with her sudden and extreme weight loss.
  10. Dennis Rodman Rodman has certainly been known for far more shocking things than smoking cigarettes. You might expect a former athlete to have healthier habits, but Dennis Rodman has always been into living it up, even when he was still an NBA player.
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