10 Celtic Tattoo Ideas

Here are 10 Celtic tattoo ideas you can choose from if you like unique body art. Before you have a tattoo applied, make sure you spend some time choosing the right design. You may also want to get some opinions from your friends, so you can see if they have any Celtic tattoo ideas worth considering.

  1. Crosses are one of the more popular Celtic tattoo ideas. There are many different cross designs to think about for your tattoo. Decide where you want your Celtic cross tattoo applied, and then choose the one you like best.
  2. A sword is another Celtic tattoo idea to consider. If you are a fan of Celtic medieval history, getting a sword may be a good choice. Ask the tattoo artist to recommend a sword if you cannot make up your mind on a design.
  3. Get a Celtic family crest tattoo. If you have some Celtic blood in you, do some research to find your family crest. Take a copy of the design with you, and see if the tattoo artist can create it.
  4. Use some Celtic words for your tattoo. Find a word or phrase and choose where you want them displayed. Don’t just choose a set of Celtic words because you like the way they look, find out what they mean first.
  5. A dragon is another popular Celtic tattoo idea. Pick a dragon tattoo that you like, and have the artist color it in to make it more dramatic. You may want to have some flames added as well.
  6. A Celtic shamrock is a solid tattoo choice. Many people use a shamrock as a tattoo, since it is small. The lower leg or foot is a good place to have a Celtic shamrock tattoo.
  7. Choose a shield for your Celtic tattoo. You can also get a Celtic sword tattoo to go along with the shield. Get your initials added to the shield to personalize the tattoo.
  8. Get a Celtic knight tattoo. If you like the ancient knights of old, pick a tattoo that has a suit of armor. You can also have the knight be in battle by including a sword or lance.
  9. Flags are one of the Celtic tattoo ideas to consider. Research the flags from different eras before you get the tattoo. Make sure the tattoo artist matches the color correctly.
  10. Pick a Celtic crown design. Do some research to see if you can find a crown tattoo you like. You can make up your own crown tattoo instead, if you are creative.
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